Thoughts on the Apex Legends Season 5 Quest So Far

What’s up everyone! Welcome to Beyond The Panel. Coming at you today with talk about the new feature of Apex Legends Season 5, Quest! Well, for the most part I will be talking about what I think about the quest so far now that we have gotten two chapters out of it. Though before I get into that, first credit where it is due for Respawn. This game hasn’t been out that long, but here we are at season 5 and we are being treated to our first real story unfolding within the game. We all wanted a story in some form or another, but we never expected to get it like this. Neither did we expect to get it this fast. This is something to appreciate when you have games like Overwatch out there which somehow required a second installment just to properly tap into their lore.

With that said, let’s start with the first chapter. I loved the way that this one immediately immersed you into their world. To be specific, Loba’s world seeing how most of this is expected to be taken from her perspective. The whole thing began as a bold move on her part bringing everyone together for this one take. Not only because the end game is a mystery to everyone but her, but because this is the same woman who just blew up part of the island. Then the icing on the cake was knowing some personal things about these Legends which some of them would never willingly disclose. How do you trust someone like that? Especially when taking on this mission of hers instantly puts you on the wrong side of Revenant…. It was definitely at the end where they fully had my attention with a massive twist. Who would have thought so soon we’d already be aware that there is a traitor among the Legends? I know who I have my money on since there is only a couple people who has yet to make their presence known. Though even then this seems like the kind of story where you want to assume nothing too early.

So far I was satisfied with the first mission to retrieve the artifacts. Wasn’t too easy, wasn’t too hard. It was most certainly as straightforward as it gets as a start. I would guess that as we set out for the other pieces, the difficulty will increase. It will probably have to for the sake of convincing you that this is supposed to be dangerous. From the looks of it, you will benefit from being a player who doesn’t miss your shots. Also being a player who can handle multiple Prowlers on your own. Personally I hope that they throw something new in there to shake it up. There’s only so many times you can fight Prowlers before is gets repetitive.

As for the second chapter, this one was great because at the center of it was Mirage, from a narrator’s standpoint. He kept things interesting as the discussion to follow takes place after the mission for the first artifact. They didn’t waste the time to address the mindset which everyone has been put into after their meet with Loba. Again you don’t get to know all these things about people and not make them uneasy. With Bangalore as the most vocal of the bunch, it made sense that at the same time we would begin seeing another layer of the story building on top of just the hunt. Right now there is not telling what we are in store for. Loba is playing her own game, Bangalore is trying to play hers, while Revenant and his secret informant are doing what they have to do to get in their way. Aside from this, you can tell that Respawn has put thought into this because these Legends are also continuing to reveal a lot about themselves in the process. This goes double for their relationships and connections becoming more apparent.

Now while I love that so many Legends are given an active voice, I also couldn’t help but want to actually hear some of the dialogue between them. If they are being intense? Then I want to actually get the sense that they are being intense through vocal communication. With that said, I’m still okay with the text. Even then you can read the words from some of these Legends and picture them saying those things themselves because the words carry a lot of their personality. Especially those like Loba or Bangalore who seem to have the strongest presence right now.

If there is one big problem that I do hope they take notice of to fix, it will be the notifications you get between chapters. When I got my fifth Treasure Pack, immediately I was hit with a notification telling me that I had now unlocked the second chapter. Now because that was Saturday and the next one didn’t hit till Tuesday, every single game I finished was met with that notification repeatedly. That is quite bothersome since it makes you feel like you should just hold off to avoid that. At the end of the day something so small can create enough of an inconvenience that it might throw off the progression for some who want to get those packs daily to keep up.

The other was the preparedness of the PVE part of the quest dropping. At this point, someone needs to have a discussion with EA. They are the ones who pushed Respawn to go for this kind of game, so they should be able to keep up on their end to make sure the servers can handle it. It makes no sense that the serves could keep going down like this. Especially at the moment where everyone is on and waiting for the part of the story that really gets the ball rolling.

So at the end of the day, the execution isn’t perfect, but the Quest itself is an excellent addition to Apex Legends. As hard as some people want to be on Respawn, they should remember that we are getting all of this during a time where they aren’t even working in their offices. They are working from home. There will be some problems, though for now we have a story, and it is a good one.

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