DC Universe’s Harley Quinn “Inner (Para) Demons” Review

***Spoiler Review***

What’s up everyone! Welcome to Beyond The Panel. Coming at you today with talk about the DC Universe’s Harley Quinn “Inner (Para) Demons”! So yeah, they did that, and they went there. Only took two seasons for them to get into the long-awaited possibility of Harley and Ivy becoming an item. Some will say that this kind of hit out of nowhere, and those people may have been watching another show. One where these two didn’t consistently share moments which made you think they could be more than friends.

From the start of this episode they just jumped right into what came next, and I was not disappointed with the results. This Harley obviously would have no idea how to handle this new development. She is only now realizing what genuine love looks like, and unfortunately that took her way longer than she should have to understand, because now her best friend who may be more than just a friend is engaged to someone else. The awkwardness hit right away, and it sense that they would find difficulty in properly acknowledging what happened. For all that we have seen from Harley so far, it wasn’t hard to believe that she would find a way to take steps backwards because of this.

What does a broken heart do? It looks for other means of filling that void. For Harley, this took the form of getting back to her villain roots, but this time taking it up a notch. Throwing Commissioner Gordon in her way was smart for the fact that all of this was working hand in hand. Despite the troubles with love, there is still a story and plot to keep progressing. With all of the Injustice villains taken down, obviously this just left the one person who created all of this chaos in the first place. With everything Harley did to remove those villains from power, this also did not change the the reality that she had no intentions of allowing Gotham to go back to normal. This time around it wasn’t her wacky plan which was set into motion, but that didn’t stop her from going all in either. I was thrilled that this would actually involve the help of Darkseid of all people for a boost in numbers.

There will be some viewers who think it is too wild that Harley and crew could ever be granted aid from Darkseid, but what kind of show would this be if the sky wasn’t the limit? What they had to do to acquire their army was clever, backhanded, and everything you would expect from them to get what they want.

If there is one thing I couldn’t go without mentioning from this episode? That is the how Psycho shined this week. I’ve said i multiple times that this guy has been held back for a good while now. Out of everyone on this team, Psycho is probably the only one who you could really call a villain. Not only a villain, but one with grander ambitions. This was the perfect opportunity to show what that looks like when he’s in the moment and reveling in chaos. I appreciated the distinction they created between those who are content where they are, and those who want more. This is more than you could say for Clayface and King Shark who we always knew could never go to that dark place which Harley and Psycho can.

That said, it was one thing to know that the president would tell Gordon that in order to put Gotham back on the map, he would have to get rid of Harley Quinn. Though it was another thing to see what he was willing to do to make that happen. As usual they made his part as entertaining as they could. You already knew how this had to end for Gordon, but that didn’t mean they could make every moment count leading up to the end of his confrontation with Harley.

Now turning to Ivy, this was an interesting episode for her since there was less conflict on her end. Unlike Harley, Ivy had her feelings sorted out and knew what she wanted. Facing her feelings meant continuing to take those crucial steps towards tying the knot with Kite Man. How they approached that this week was endearing because we got to see exactly how far she would go to preserve Kite Man’s feelings. What the guy had to go through this time around was brutal, but it made all the difference having someone there who could lift him up when he was simply ready to roll over. A true testament to her strength that I’m glad they take every opportunity to explore.

Overall, it’s a dangerous game to play when you don’t sort yourself out the right way. Harley is the queen of of being unable to express her feeling properly, and proved so in more than one way this week. DC Universe’s Harley Quinn “Inner (Para) Demons” took her to a place she might not be able to come back from, but you’re glad they went there for the results. How will she bounce back from the decisions she made? Who knows, but it will certainly be easier said than done!

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