Gleipnir “Shadows in Memory” Review

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What’s up everyone! Welcome to Beyond The Panel. Coming at you today with talk about Gleipnir! This is not the kind of anime series where they are willing to ease you into the horrors. I had to sort myself out quickly after the encounter that Shuichi and Yoshioka had last week. The pain they suffered, the fear, the anger, not to mention the explosive power they tapped into from the combination of all these things.

How they handled what followed that big fight with Subaru was a good way of shaking things up. Thing could have gone much differently if Clair and Yota stepped in and witnessed thing with their own eyes. However, that wasn’t the case for them. They created a situation where everyone was left grabbing at straws to figure out what kind of fight unfolded. For all the damage to the surrounding forest, it had to be a fight between two powerful forces, but all that was left was Shuichi and Yoshioka unconscious on the ground. It made sense that they would leave much of the conflict as a mystery too. If they knew what would happen if someone with power stepped inside of Shuichi? That would change everything. It would give these guys comfort where they need to proceed with the utmost caution for more powerful foes.

What also followed with Yoshioka was interesting for the fact that they have now tossed in another person who now understands the appeal of becoming one with another person. This has been an unexpected development, but one I can’t argue with either because they question what it means to truly have a soulmate. When you think of that one person you couldn’t live without, you think of someone who knows you inside and out. What you think, what you feel, all the experience which make you who you are. That is something which Yoshioka  was able to see for herself.

With that said, this does great things for Clair’s character development. There was no better time than now for her to begin questioning her compatibility with Shuichi. Simply being able to control his body with ease can’t be enough. Neither is it enough to be able to cross the line for him when he can’t. Clair needed to be able to see that true power comes from a greater connection. The hope moving forward is that their dynamic improves, since right now being normal doesn’t entirely do much for Shuichi compared to what power Yoshioka was able to unlock in him.

Like last week I was shocked by what we have now discovered about Shuichi’s power. Surely there are some out there who love a good mystery and might think that eight episodes in is a bit much to have already gotten a good idea as to what he is capable of, but I say knowing is a whole lot different from seeing. We’ve seen what it looks like when Shuichi is paired with someone who knows how to fight competently, ad we know what it looks like when he has tapped into the combination of powers from someone else with power stepping inside of him. From there, now they have created a new sense of anticipation for what to expect when Shuichi realizes this fully. To have this explained from someone else’s perspective was a great idea too. Shuichi isn’t dumb, but he also is not aware of the bigger picture yet either. Sometimes you need people who see things through a clearer lens. Especially if one of those people has more of an understanding in what Shuichi has become because she is the cause.

Now for this episode to be titled “Shadows in Memory”, obviously this had to mean someone’s memories are a bit shattered. It wasn’t hard either to guess that this had to be Shuichi since there are things he remembers, and things others remember differently for him about his past. Everything about this was cool to unravel since it adds more layers to the creation of who Shuichi is now. For him, the changes didn’t stop at being able to turn into a monster. It makes you look forward to him being able to piece this together himself, or with the help of the right person.

Aside from this, it was nice that they created a path for this team that Shuichi and Clair are now a part of. We know that their mission statement is to get 100 coins before the wrong Gatherer does first, but that still leaves you pretty directionless. I mean, do you just continue wandering to find them randomly? Look for other Gatherers on your level o fight and take coins from? There had to be some actual plan from them where you could see a destination in mind. Fortunately this episode gave us just that. It didn’t hurt that they also wasted little time to properly introduce the rest of the team in the process. So moving forward we now have something to look forward to from each of them whether in battle or when it comes to reliance on utilities.

Gleipnir “Shadows in Memory” focused more on story and plot progression. A nice change of pace since true progress will only come from Shuichi’s exploration of what he has become versus what he has lost, and acquiring more coins. At the end of the day, nothing should matter if collecting the coins is forgotten in the process.

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