DC’s Legends of Tomorrow “The One Where We’re Trapped on TV” Review

What’s up everyone! Welcome to Beyond The Panel. Coming at you today with talk about DC’s Legends of Tomorrow “The One Where We’re Trapped on TV”! Talk about a shocking turn of events. It was a bold move made to push the Legends against the wall like this, but what other way are you going to make sure that putting the Loom of Fate together is the only option left? Some might say that their deaths are quickly meaningless since obviously Charlie also finds some way to use the Loom for the benefit of our recently slain Legends, though at the end of the day this is a uniquely Legends situation. What are the chances that they would find themselves tossed into a TV again?

Little time was wasted showing what came next after the Fates took back control of the world. Would I have loved to see in the action of creating this reality? Sure, but I was a bit more interested in what came after since there were some big changes to jump right into. Fixing the world could have been as simple as removing all of the troublemakers from the picture, but that would have been thinking too small. The Fates thought big and forced their vision on the entirety of the world. A world where the jobs were straightforward, the food was simple, the clothes were plain, and the shows were scripted by them. It was not a bad move from a creative standpoint considering the settings and everything didn’t demand too much effort either. For example, stripping the color to leave nothing but grey scale. It was all very well thought out obviously, but it helped a lot that they brought everything down to their basic form to represent a world without expressed freedom.

Following each Legend through their specified TV series was quite the adventure. Charlie took into account what each of them wanted most in the moments before they died to the zombies. For most of them they were right where they wanted to be, despite having no idea that they have lost their memories. Sticking Astra, her mother, and Constantine under one roof where he can look after the people he cared about most? Bringing Behrad back and sticking him in a show with Zari and Nate? These are things that would be hard for even them to rebel against if they knew what was going on. With that said, the big question was why in Legends style some couldn’t just be blissfully ignorant and happy instead of trying to figure out a way to mess with the system. The answer to that was clever since apparently there was one thing Charlie didn’t, and possibly couldn’t have taken into account when she put the Legends in those shows. Someone slipped through the cracks, and made it fun because from said person’s perspective this was as meta as it gets. Not to mention nostalgic.

The best takeaway from this situation they found themselves in was the emotional message they spread throughout the episode. There is nothing wrong with a bit of chaos, nothing wrong with being able to express yourself. Even the good guys screw up, but that is what makes you human. There’s only so much you can control before you find yourself becoming the villain of the story.

That aside, you could say that is where most of the creative resources went. The costumes and settings for each show were excellent if not only to really put you in the moment during each of their show’s introductions. Now seeing how this was another episode where the Legends were trapped in a TV, I also had no complaints towards the indulgence in a little music. I was not prepared for, and neither was I against it either since some of them really do have some bars. I could see some of them being accustomed to singing, though some others caught me off guard, in a good way of course.

They saved it for last, but it was worth waiting to see what kind of Charlie we were dealing with here. We knew that Charlie was the one who put the Legends inside of the television programs to keep them out of the way and alive. Though what we did not know was how she managed to pull this off. Was this something she did secretly? Was there some deal she struck so that dead wasn’t dead again? And was there some plan in mind where she was going to rebel against her sisters once more? The truth to this was shocking because you did not expect the attitude she took towards this new reality.

Side note, I deeply appreciated that they brought back Mona for this episode. A bit disappointed that she and Gary weren’t treated like the Legends they technically are, but that didn’t stop them from having relevant roles to play in this new world either. Through their perspective there was some light humor in exploring this world too. It was touching that they would be the ones to slowly pick up on the things that weren’t right, and then start making moves towards making corrections. This could have been anyone else to set the acts of rebellion in motion, but it worked best that the two who tend to fly under the radar most were able to pull off the impossible. With that said, of course one would still question how the things they did didn’t raise red flags sooner, though for the sake of plot progression it went a long way that they were given the room to just do what they do.

Lesson of this tale? There are no rules when it comes to being a Legend. And if there are rules? You can bet that they will find a way to rebel against them. DC’s Legends of Tomorrow “The One Where We’re Trapped on TV” was all about embracing everything about you that makes you who you are. Love and purpose are not things you can repress and ignore.

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