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What’s up everyone! Welcome to Beyond The Panel. Coming at you today with talk about Go Go Power Rangers #31! The last time in Go Go Power Rangers #30, we got a chapter which did not disappoint in giving us the best of both worlds from two different storylines.One being the continued work of the Omega Rangers, and what goes on back on Earth with the rest of the Rangers. Given the cover for this issue, it was safe to assume that this time around we would be getting a bit more of one than the other. No complaints either since the Omega Rangers are taking us to through some new experiences.

New experiences are the key to success here, and this creative team so far has proved that they understand this. That this is their intention with the story which is currently unfolding. Off the bat, I thought the approach towards this next part of the story was smart. The story was progressing at two different points in time where what was unfolding before had already happened, and we were pretty much getting the highlights for what happened. Starting with the Omega Rangers’ adventure out in space. This I found to be refreshing for the fact that again we were seeing just how problematic it is that these randoms have been connected to the Grid. The first instance was troubling because in the wrong society, that kind of power can put the host in danger. For this next mission, that connection doesn’t even have to be a being of higher thinking. Even worse when there is absolutely no control or responsibility involved in how the power is used.

Now with this issue in particular, I appreciated that they finally got to a place where this mission was cemented enough that Jason, Trini, and Zack would fully make their transition. The discussion, the argument, everything that got them into the right frame of mind was worth it since there is only so long you can spend with them making excuses about their absence that is easier said than done at their age. Furthering the exploration of life at home for Jason at the same time didn’t hurt either. It was still heartbreaking that someone he loves is suffering, but this new responsibility is pulling him away from being there as much as he would like. These kinds of problems suck, it is bold that they are willing to give these Rangers something to deal with that is more relatable.

With that said, there was still another part of this story to pick up with. That being the trouble which Promethea faces with Lord Zedd’s search for the Green Dagger. Surely enough most of us know what this is. So this was a big development which should also lead to some big changes down the road. Though for right now, it was just good to know that Lord Zedd wasn’t someone to underestimate, and Promethea is not the organization you want to assume you have seen everything from.

The interior work for this issue was stunning, not that that isn’t usually the case. Like issues before, I was impressed with this art team’s ability to handle a large workload with this book. This isn’t like the TV show where there are limitations to the situations the Rangers will face, the places they will go, or the things they will encounter. It was creative that we could see what happens when the power from the Grid falls into the hands(?) of something which has to be tamed. The design was electrifying as well, quite literally actually. At the same time we were treated to a cool scene where said power was used in a more physical manner. It was some of the smoothest yet intense action that we have gotten out of a character in some time. From there, picking up with the battle in Promethea, the feat the Rangers pulled off to beat the minions was creative too. Not just for the plan, but for the power combination they came up with that has never been seen before. You could tell that they were aiming for something rare, and it also showed through the detail and coloring.

All in all, Go Go Power Rangers #31 served as a great set-up for the changes which lie ahead. From the minute this mission was presented to Jason, nothing was going to be the same moving forward. It sucks that here we are beginning to say goodbye to the original team, but this is what Go Go Power Rangers has been preparing us for since day one.

Go Go Power Rangers #31




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