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What’s up everyone! Welcome to Beyond The Panel. Coming at you today with talk about Marauders #10! If there was one book I was anxious to get back int? It was this one! Kate is still dead, and the X-Men are in a mood after this recent discovery. Let’s not forget that the person who killed Kate is one of their own, driven by greed. There’s a lot to look forward to when the mutants have been hurt and apparently right now have little problem with offering a show of power.

As I said before, it was going to be interesting to see where they went from there since they could either focus more on the mystery behind Kate’s death, or jump into the next Hellfire Trading Company job. One would have obviously assumed Kate’s death to be the next objective, but how do you begin trying to piece that together? So it made sense that the next thing would be continuing to do their job, albeit with the frustration that one would carry towards those who mean to do them harm. now how they approached this decision was cool because one would not have assumed anything to have gotten this personal with their enemies so soon in this book. This isn’t the same Iceman who would have who still would have petitioned for a peaceful solution, or a Storm who would have berated anyone who even considered bringing harm to another person. This is a team of mutants who currently have no problem sending a message to their enemies that there are now consequences for attempts to create weapons against them. It really made you wonder what lines they were willing to cross when at the end of the day the number one rule is that no human lives can be taken.

When it came to what the Marauders did next? That was an interesting scene since one does not expect how unstoppable they could be with the right plan set into motion, and some resources you never would have thought they would have on hand. Just when you think you have seen everything from this team, they hit you with a surprise. If there was one thing they have made clear through this book? It is that money is power. For a team of mutants this powerful, even just having the right kind of funding can make a difference in the level of challenge they face.

There was one passage from the issue which was brilliant. As with most of these issues, there’s usually some vague letter to someone unknown, or from someone unknown. This time around they were pretty straightforward with the fact that this was a letter from Kate, and to someone she cared about. What made it so endearing was the fact that they held nothing back digging into the mind of Kate. It’s one thing to know that she isn’t happy with her situation, but it is another thing to actually see her express it. To feel all the emotions that come with not being able to be around the people she cares about, to enjoy their paradise the same way, or even just experience the safety they proclaim.

Jumping back into this book, once again I was happy that this is the art team we have working on it. When you look at the X-Men book, you enjoy the fact that there is an artist there who really knows how to render a scene, but at the same time you would find problem with the fact that the characters become stiff in turn. This art team finds a way to give you that same quality of artwork, and take extra steps towards making sure that there’s life put into the characters. The are expressive through both their facial expositors and body language. Aside from this, the color work remained satisfying. Bold and full enough to really represent a story where you have mutants springing into action. The cold colors in particular stood out considering much of the settings took place out at sea.

Leave none to tell the tale. These words stuck with me from start to finish for Marauders #10. Just about anything could have happened with this next job, but I liked how things actually turned out. A show of power doesn’t always have to mean leaving a body count or mutilating people. How easily you dispense justice and get away with it can accomplish the same.

Marauders #10




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