Review: Suicide Squad #5

What’s up everyone! Welcome to Beyond The Panel. Coming at you today with talk about Suicide Squad #5! I can’t stress it enough, there is no better time to be reading Suicide Squad than right now. Normally I would say we were getting the perfect story, or the perfect art, inside and out. Though this run right here? This is the full package that keeps you at the edge of your seat. Especially when there is someone worse than Waller in the driver’s seat.

What I looked forward to most about this issue was that we were continuing with this Boomerang reunion. At first I was confused about the choice that he wouldn’t return with Harley and Deadshot, because these two were like the veterans who lived there at a point. Though it was funny that somehow he ended up being the guy who made it out and couldn’t help screwing up his chances of prolonged freedom. That said, this brings us back to current events. A shocker since it has also been this time since we have seen people with such a personal grudge against the guy. He put up a fight, he ticked some people off, overall he proved that he is still one you shouldn’t underestimate just because you can’t take him seriously. Aside from this, what took me by surprise was how this mission to grab Boomerang was just a means to an end.

This is where once again we were given the Tom Taylor treatment. In other words, getting caught completely off guard because he had something else in mind for the story than what you thought. A lot of things could and should have happened after they turned Boomerang back in. There should have been some words between Deadshot and the Revolutionaries about what unfolded during their mission. There should have been more problems with Lok involving the lack of communication they had with him. However, what actually came from this mission was one hell of a twist when there was no way you could have braced yourself for things going south this fast.

They said one way or another, the bodies keep dropping, and this was not a lie. I loved the way that this creative team decided to shake things up. When it comes to a book like Suicide Squad, you tend to go in already aware of the format that the story might play out in. Though they went the extra mile to assure us that things would definitely be different this time around. Especially when Task Force X is so determined to play by their own rules. Things are going to get very interesting from here and I couldn’t help but look forward to come from these new developments in the direction of the plot.

The best takeaway from this issue was how the opportunity was not wasted in us getting to know another member of the Revolutionaries. At this point we know more than enough about those like Harley and Deadshot. The introduction of the Revolutionaries allowed for opportunities to get to know characters outside of them. This time around we got to know Jog’s story. I enjoyed it because his backstory was real, what he endured through life was real, and how that made him a Revolutionary made sense for it. Of course you also don’t tell a story like this without reason, and while that was predictable, the execution was perfect nonetheless. Now if there was one thing which did bug me, it was the fact that we don’t know where his powers came from. It might not be the most important thing about him, but it’s hard not to wonder what the source of power is for someone who has super speed.

Once again the artwork was amazing. Be it the cover work or the interior work, this is what it looks like when you have your best people on the job. As I’ve said before, I was blown away with the episodic layout the story takes on visually. The action jumps out at you through a great use of overlapping and panel transitions. Even the use of perspective goes a long way than making everything look straightforward. Of course I should also mention the colors as well. I think this is the most colorful volume of Suicide Squad that I have read in a long while, and it does wonders for the atmosphere. The colors are bold, explosive, and even then the natural colors were brilliant. Aside from that, the lettering finds consistency in standing out and giving this wide range of characters a distinct voice.

Never say you have anything to read from DC when you have a book like this ongoing. Suicide Squad #5 was exhilarating and everything which makes an issue of Suicide Squad perfect. If you thought you had this creative team’s plans for the book figured out? Forget about it and just let them blow your mind, because it’s only with a book like this where that is guaranteed!

Suicide Squad #5




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