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What’s up everyone! Welcome to Beyond The Panel. Coming at you today with talk about The Terrifics #27! Wow, feels like forever ago since the last issue of this book, and it definitely stopped at a point where you might have to reread the past issue to remember what happened. I know I did. Though regardless I was excited to jump back into this story because this new arc started us off on the right note with the team doing the kind of work they should have always been doing, and kicked off a new plot which takes us where we never thought we would go.

The Terrific Council (T-Council) springing into action was a cool development for this book. You would think that The Terrifics would be the star “science team”, but it does not seem to be the case. Personally I couldn’t see a problem with this either. It was only a matter of time before a group like the T-Council was thought of into existence. This puts a lot of the world’s smartest in one place, and it is a rare occasion that you could even get some of these guys in the same place at all. Things got much more lively from here on because everyone was both capable and prepared for what they had stepped into. They definitely made a tough situation look easy, but they also did so without stepping on the toes of The Terrifics too much. The new dynamics and interactions this created in the process was worth it.

I would say that the reaction from some of The Terrifics was justified. Mr. Terrific has come a long way from the guy who loved to keep everyone at a distance, but one could call this taking a step back. When you have built up this kind of relationship with others, the last thing you want to do is challenge it because you can’t be upfront with things involving the team.

That said, I did appreciate that those like Silas Stone were not forgotten. It never hurts to toss in someone who shares a similar attitude as Mr. Terrific. Through Silas Stone it was better understood why a team/group/council like this was always too ambitious. The fact is that progress means something different to everyone. In the case of Silas Stone, the definition is more crude, and it wasn’t hard to see how this was possible for the guy who turned his own son into what he is now. There was no better time than now to also question what separates those who are looking for a brighter tomorrow from those who aren’t as interested. As I said above, this story is getting the team back to doing the kind of work they should have always been doing.

Beyond this, the plot was still important here because there was still the monster down below who was pulling the strings to everything unfolding. It was a chilling situation considering all the lives which were at stake. I was not prepared for the emotional weight that we got out of the final confrontation, but I enjoyed it all the same. This is a book which never disappoints you because when you take away the action, adventure, and discovery, it’s all heart.

The interior art for this issue left me feeling impressed. What I have consistently loved about this art team is that they know how to handle the workload. With most of these stories there is a lot going on within these pages, especially when the action hits. Between the pencils and the colors they did not skip a beat between the detail in the characters/monsters, the rendering of the settings, and simply having so much going on at once and never making it feel like they are sacrificing quality in order to get it all done. To even be able to create as many emotional moments as they did between made a big difference in engagement. The colors in particular were stunning. Particularly the color choice for the things that were less human. There’s something to love about a colorist who is able to branch out in their pallete in order to capture the out of the ordinary elements.

Overall, The Terrifics #27 nailed the intensity of this situation which Stagg created, and the introduction of the Terrific Council. When the dust settles from this, things are going to get very interesting in the following issue when there’s no way to dodge the conversation this will stir up. Questions about secrets, matters of blame, issues with choices. Hopefully nothing is left off the table from that.

The Terrifics #27




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