DC Universe’s Harley Quinn “Bachelorette” Review

***Spoiler Review***

What’s up everyone! Welcome to Beyond The Panel. Coming at you today with talk about the DC Universe’s Harley Quinn “Bachelorette”! Talk about self-destructive, am I right? That was one heck of a note to leave us on last week. Facing the New Gods, taking on the full force of the GCPD, completely ignoring the fact that she is in conflict over the kiss she shared with Ivy. Love makes you do some crazy things, but this right here took the cake! After that, I couldn’t help but look forward to what came next.

Now with that said, what ended up shocking me more about this week’s episode was the fact that we are going from that last scene from the previous episode to Ivy’s bachelorette party? That is one hell of a leap to take if you ask me, because we’re really supposed to overlook what Harley unleashed upon the city of Gotham and GCPD? The blood, violence, innocent lives lost, that was a bit much for someone like Ivy to simply turn around and agree to Harley giving her a bachelorette party. There must have been a lot of sorrys to get that to happen, I hope.

Getting to the bachelorlette party itself, I found this entertaining because while the whole thing was well thought out, there was no denying that this was an interesting batch they put together. I mean this all only added to the fact that Ivy has so very few friends in this world who aren’t plants. It was all so random, but somehow at the end of the day they were all people who may have needed an experience like what they had. What made this work at the same time was the fact that Harley was not going to allow this mismatch to get in the way of Ivy having a good time. Two-thirds of them had no reason at all to listen to a word she had to say, but clearly this was not the version of Harley who you would call a pushover either. Her attitude towards it all was gold, yet wreaked of desperation to be a good friend, or possibly show that she could be something more.

It also goes without saying that much of the entertainment comes from the changes to Themyscira itself. If you know the Amazons, then you know something like this is next to impossible for them. Living a life of luxury? Bringing in outsiders to live off of their lands and resources? Even if at first you wanted to question this, it was all exciting to explore. That show for instance they were treated to caught me off guard. That was the very last thing you would think they would allow on the island, and yet there it was. And there these party goers were letting themselves get swept up by it.

How this party ended was definitely heartbreaking. The only thing we did know for a fact would happen during this trip to Themyscira was Harley and Ivy accidentally sleeping together. Though you would have never guessed how this would end. Well, obviously they weren’t going to go that route where Ivy suddenly forgets about Kite Man to choose Harley, because this isn’t that kind of story. Ivy’s reaction made this moment worth it since there was no better time than now to really dig into Harley’s current dilemma. That being the fact that Harley took way too long to realize what love is. This would have been okay if this was Harley immediately after “killing” The Joker, or even while Ivy was in the process of falling for Kite Man. However, she missed queue after queue to see that there was someone right in front of her who always cared when no one else did.

The plot which they managed to weave into this was genius. I really had no expectations from this episode because we were given the impression that there was nothing to anticipate but party shenanigans. It was awesome that so quickly turn things around at the last minute to create a meaningful reason for being out there. The action we got out of it did not disappoint either. You would not think this group could do some damage, and then you would be proven dead wrong.

That said, they didn’t lie about Kite Man’s bachelor party being boring, though it wasn’t completely for the reasons you would have thought. One would have assumed this was simply because Kite Man is lame, and even then they wouldn’t have been wrong. No, the reason his party ended up boring was because there wasn’t much focus on the party itself. Instead they decided to focus on another member of the crew who surprisingly only got any real backstory now. It was a random time to jump into it, but it was also a story you would appreciate since this person’s reason for dodging family wasn’t as bad as it could have been. Regardless it was humorous for the fact that there was this whole build-up to a long-awaited reunion, only to get the most anti-climatic end result.

DC Universe’s Harley Quinn “Bachelorette” is a completely different tone from the episode before, but you have to love that with a show like this it doesn’t matter one bit. We went from city-wide terror in Gotham, to paradise and partying in Themyscira. Credit where it is due that they even accomplished with while also satisfying those who wanted to get some emotion, action, or even meaning out of this.

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