Gleipnir “Staked Claims” Review

***Spoiler Review***

What’s up everyone! Welcome to Beyond The Panel. Coming at you today with talk about Gleipnir! The previous episode was a nice change of pace for the progression that we got from Shuichi’s exploration of what he has become versus what he has lost. They were quick to jump into the clear gaps in his memory, and again why it is important for the right person to connect with him inside the suit. Aside from that, we have gotten back on track with the importance of collecting these coins.

As I’ve said already, one of the most important parts to this story is the collecting of the coins. No matter what happens, this is something that can’t be ignored. Not for the urgency that comes with either getting that one-hundred before everyone else, or stopping the wrong person from using that one-hundred to achieve their dangerous desires. Between last week and this week, the hunt is front and center, and the urgency has picked back up. Better than that, this team now has a direction to take in order to accomplish their goal. This part I admired because this was a team that wasn’t thinking like the others. They actually put their heads into it to understand where they were looking. You know, rather than just searching aimlessly.

Once more I admired the writing for Clair too. This is a girl who you would have instantly assumed they were going to get carried away with worrying about all the body shots they could get out of her. Fortunately for us, the thinking wasn’t that narrow-minded. Clair is a character who consistently catches you off guard because she sees the things that no one else is willing to see. You would think it stopped at reading people, but it also expands to seeing the big picture. In the case of their current goal, piecing together the true danger to stepping into another’s territory.

Just when I thought the week before last was a bit terrifying, this week’s episode proved that there was better ways that they could instill that fear in us. It’s one thing to feel fear because of what could go wrong in a fight, but it is another thing to experience that because you don’t want to see those characters caught up in one. I mean the pacing was so fast here that there was little room to even breathe as crap hit the fan.

When it came to the first encounter, that one was solid. Nothing special like some of the other fights we have witnessed, but still one that sticks with you because this was the first time we saw a lot of power in a small package. Didn’t want to see Yota in a fight like this, but is was a thrill to see just how this team has managed to make it this far without being taken out by stronger monsters. That aside, there was a different color aura from Yota too, compared to others. What stood out most from the animation was the smoothness to the choreography. As much as you want to see some cool and unique powers. Sometimes nothing beats some good old fashion hand-to-hand combat. Now beyond this, there was one thing I couldn’t ignore that I’m surprised I didn’t mind. That was the use of dubstep in the background. Some might find this unwanted, but I find that with the right beat you can really create an atmosphere. In the case of the music they chose, adding that atmosphere of fear succeeded in allowing the action to take hold.

The best takeaway from this episode was getting a good idea of what this team was getting themselves into. After the initial introductions, I already knew this was going to be problematic. As much as you want to love this team for having resourceful talents, or having different reasons for collecting coins. You can’t deny their fatal flaw. What happens when you get into the wrong fight? What happens when the enemy is more than Shuichi, Clair, and Yota can handle? Having only two strong members is dangerous. Especially in this instance where they have already run into a confrontation with another faction. Literally, no punches were pulled to show us how powerful this first faction could be.

I was even a bit heartbroken to see what happened to that one random girl who ran into them some episodes ago. We all knew how that was going to end, but still you could have prepared yourself for how wrong the reality of that was.

This just happened to be the episode to give me chills. Gleipnir “Staked Claims” was just what was needed to set the tone for everything else to follow. I don’t know who is going to make it out of this, or even if this team can handle continuing their mission after this, but this was one hell of a way to rip off the band-aid and remind us that at the core this is a dark story.

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