DC’s Legends of Tomorrow Season Finale “Swan Thong” Review

What’s up everyone! Welcome to Beyond The Panel. Coming at you today with talk about the DC’s Legends of Tomorrow season finale “Swan Thong”!I was not ready for this week to come. Legends of Tomorrow is the last of the Arrowverse series to conclude its season, and I still felt like I wanted more. Which is more than I could say for some of the others. This show right here is the best one that they have to offer (Black Lightning a close second), because it offers something to us that is refreshing from the rest. Fun, endearment, and everything you would think writers should be more willing to embrace when their stories exist in a comic book world.

What came next was entertaining. Fighting back was always going to be easier said than done, though it was how the Legends overcame this challenge which made this finale fun. As the season finale, they wasted little time to again show us what it means to be a Legend. It means being the screw-ups, yet always trying to do the right thing. If they were the type to tuck their tails between their legs every time a villain knocked them down a peg, they would not have made it this far. Much of the pushback from the Fates was them trying to kill the idea that the Legends aren’t the problem. Though here they were in a situation that is nothing new to them. I mean that is what you expect from a hero, right? They sprang back into action, they made a plan, the plans changed, and they still managed to get the job done doing things their own way.

Some could say that the Legends probably should have faced a greater challenge since they were defying gods, but this is a story of good versus evil. I didn’t mind that the Fates were so confident in their power and control that they allowed the Legends to get away with as much as they did. When you had the kind of power they did, the last thing you would fear is people who you have already beaten. You pick up a comic book today and you would be surprised by how many stories you find where the villains leave you with the same impression. This is that show where the writers have no problem bringing a story you would read in a comic to life. Now how they defeated the Fates was another story. That was uplifting because you wouldn’t believe that the Legends would have it in them to convince regular people to trust them and stand up for their right to choose.

Charlie’s farewell was touching. I’m sure some probably didn’t see this coming, but Legends of Tomorrow is the kind of show where people move on once their stories come full circle. From the minute we found out that this was about putting the Loom of Fate together, and that Charlie was one of the three Fates, you knew that at the end of the day this was going to be it for her. This episode was all about Charlie making the choice to remember why she broke the Loom in the first place. Choice and family can be a cruel combination. You get so caught up in trying to put their needs before your own that you end up sacrificing much of what makes you happy. In Charlie’s case, she was sacrificing the free will of everyone and herself. Her wake-up call even came from an unlikely source. It warmed my heart that it would actually be Lita of all people. A character you didn’t think would ever have that much of an important role to play in his, and yet knew all the right things to say to the person who needed it most.

The totem Zari’s farewell was also touching for a story that was able to come full circle. We all knew that there was no way two Zari’s could exist alive in this timeline. No one gets off that easy. It was a slow crawl full of suspense, but it was worth it to get to a point where she could say a final goodbye. Zari is a hero in this show because she is selfless. To spend two lives trying to save her brother? That is more than most heroes could say they have done for a loved one. The execution was perfect for that reason alone. One just has to wonder now, how will they handle two siblings on the ship and one totem to share between them?

If there was one thing I loved most about this season finale? It is the sheer fact that you will never find a comic book show bold enough to give you that final action scene to the beat of the ‘Thong Song’. The minute Nate first tried to play that song, you knew the moment was going to inevitably come, and they nailed it when it did. It didn’t make too light of a serious situation either because the fight choreography was great. There was even a few tricks from some of them, like Constantine, which was awesome with the right effects. The icing on the cake was probably having Nate of all people actually dancing in the middle of it. This is the kind of thing I was waiting to see more of from him. Just because Ray is gone, doesn’t mean he should fundamentally change in the process.

You couldn’t have asked for a better ending to an Arrowverse show than what we got from the DC’s Legends of Tomorrow season finale “Swan Thong”. In fact, I would say that aside from Black Lightning, Legends was the only one that actually got a full ending. Didn’t surprise me either because this is the only show which consistently didn’t disappoint you when it came to releasing on time.

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