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What’s up everyone! Welcome to Beyond The Panel. Coming at you today with talk about Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Every Generation #1! When the previous Buffy books focused a bit more on the activation of new slayers, and introducing those from the future, it is a great change of pace that this new run has decided to shone a light on those from the past. Slayers have existed for a very long time, and there is no better time than now to dig into that endless well of history that they should have. Buffy has always been important, but you would wonder as well, what is the secret origins of some of the most important Slayers in history…?

For this book in particular, of course this wasn’t going to be like other specials. What they decided to do was break this up into three stories. The first I would start with is “Where All Paths Lead”. This one I found intriguing for the fact that this new character with a familiar face is one that we have met before. They didn’t lie that this one would change the way you look at Buffy and everything about her world. Who knew that despite the end destination being the same, so much could have been different about the kind of life she lived. Who she was friends with, who she loved, who she lost. It was a lot of differences to take in. I actually wish they ended with this one because honestly, this was the star of the show. The story you were waiting to get the big picture on since the conclusion of Hellmouth.

The only issue I found with the first story was the visuals. That is not to say it didn’t look great. The pencils work was clean, and the colors were full. However, I do like when characters like Buffy are drawn with a bit more familiarity. I should be able to look at her and say “That’s Buffy”, without at first thinking that might be another blonde. Some might say that technically isn’t OUR Buffy, though I would also say Buffy is Buffy. Now I’ll give it a fair shake because the quality overall outweighed that one nitpick.

Second came “The Hilot of 1910”. This one I enjoyed because compared to the other two, there was no expectations to what we were going to get out of this one. We simply jumped into this world and life of this village during a troubled time. When it came to this one, I did find myself having to read through it twice. This was the first time where I had read story about a slayer, and they didn’t actually use that word to describe the who the person was. Everything falls into place when you have picked apart the labels they used for the two main characters. One being that the slayer is pretty much the Hilot, and the demon is the aswang. After piecing this together, there was much more to appreciate from this story. Mainly for the example they had given us where not everything is always black and white. It’s good to know that others too had to learn this in some way during their time.

The interior art was unique for this one. One would call it simple, but it was much more than that. There was culture put into the approach towards the interior style, whether it was the way that the characters were drawn, or the way that the panel borders were designed. It was all put together with the intention of capturing the essence of Filipino folklore.

That just leaves us with the last one, “The Sisters of Angelus”. This one was just as terrifying as it sounded. When one think of “The Sisters of Angelus”, the first thing which comes to mind are those who followed in the ways of Angelus. That did not disappoint one bit as we were pretty much seeing the chaos of a world where Angelus made enough of an impact on the world around him that even other vampires were making bold moves to claim power. This slayer who we experienced this with was a treat too. She offered a perspective from someone who reminds you of Buffy in some ways. Young, reckless, hearing every other word, but also willing to go to great lengths for a friend. Let us not forget always ready with the kind of humor you should leave at home.

For this one, I would say that the interior work blew the others out of the water. The quality of work that went into the pencils, inks, and colors were stunning. I was impressed most with the expression that we got out of the characters. The charisma they brought out of this slayer in particular made things lively.

All in all, if you’re a Buffy fan, then Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Every Generation #1 is a must-read. These are the times where new is everything. This book right here offers you a satisfying amount of new content to sink your teeth into. Added depth to a slayer we have already met, a slayer from another culture, and a slayer entangled in the madness Angelus unleashed upon the world during his time.

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