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What’s up everyone! Welcome to Beyond The Panel. Coming at you today with talk about Far Sector #6! This was one of those books that I couldn’t wait getting back to. As I’ve said before, Far Sector is one of the more ambitious introductions we have been given for a new Lantern. She was given a unique sector to watch over, a unique situation to adapt to for a Lantern, and comes from a unique background compared to some others.

What made me so anxious about jumping back into this book had to be the story progression. Getting the full story of Jo was worth waiting five issues. To say she represented something real before was an understatement after the reveal of her past. This made a lot of sense of the person we are dealing with and how she treats every situation she steps into. Though before we got back to that, of course there was this book doing the one thing you admire from any book that is aware of their audience. That is getting everyone up to speed about what has happened up to this point. Normally that would be appreciated just because of the wait between each issue, but in this case specifically we haven’t had many new books for at least two months. Whether the summary of events was needed or not, it worked as a necessity considering what is getting ready to unfold.

Now the follow-up from Far Sector #5 was great because everything which came after hit naturally. There was one thing about this book I wasn’t able to love more till now. This was the situation which occurred in the previous issue where the officers fired on the crowd of protestors. Feels familiar right now, doesn’t it? For that specifically, this issue couldn’t have dropped at a better time. This book in general became more relatable than it already was.

After that, I welcomed the further exploration and struggles which came with making sense of a world where feeling emotions is illegal. They nailed this from Jo’s perspective when this was the time where she really needed to understand the importance of being the person who is supposed to tell the difference between real emotions and fake emotions. This started with the one person she had the most trouble with understanding. Jo’s attention was indeed divided when Councilor Marth made a surprising and distinctly emotional overture…. That is not what you expect from someone who went from complete understanding of the situation, to ordering for a group of unarmed and peaceful protestors to be fired upon.

Aside from that, the set-up for what the next issue will bring was excellent. Some of the best moments from this book come from what happens when we see what Jo is capable of. Setting everything else aside, it was good that they didn’t allow us to forget that there are still active forces out there working against her. No to mention understand how to deal with the power she has.

Again I missed the artwork from Jamal Campbell. You couldn’t have asked for a better artist to handle the cover and interior work for a book. He has style, and he has vision which you see for yourself with every flip of the page. In fact he always starts off strong with that unique vision. For this issue in particular that involved the opener which summarized what happened leading up to this issue. You never prepared yourself for that summary to come from the characters themselves, or for it to be that engaging because of it. After that, other things stood out between the style of constructs Jo creates, the way she changes into her uniform, the distinct style of clothing all around. More than that there was the expressiveness of these characters. For a book that focuses on the troubles of emotions, this was the most important thing for Campbell to nail. It wasn’t enough for you to question the things people said, you had to be able to look at them and see the problem that is reading their faces. With that said, the color work is what continues to also make this book stunning. For this issue in particular I was taken back by the use of lighting. That purple lighting in particular worked for various reasons which added to scenes where you were trying to read a character based on the looks they give.

Overall, Far Sector #6 made the wait for this issue worth it. Real problems that we can connect with, and real problems that not many books out there are bold enough to address.

Far Sector #6




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