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What’s up everyone! Welcome to Beyond The Panel. Coming at you today with talk about Wonder Comics’ Amethyst #3! Sometimes you just need a book like this in your pull-list. A break from the rest of the stories to get a book which offers an adventure full of emotion, discovery, and even a bit of fun along the way.

If there’s one thing you have to give credit to, it is the fact that this story has great pacing. In just three issues we have covered a lot of ground in this story. At this point I would have expected that Amethyst would have still been spending her time trying to piece things together. Trying to make friends with people who sympathize with her situation, or running from those who have clearly turned their back on her. This could have easily been the past three issues and more. However, this creative team has held our attention through a plot which keeps you guessing about what comes next. There’s mystery, challenges, and plenty to make you invest in a world that may or may not be familiar to you.

When it came to Amethyst herself, this chapter brought about some big changes to her character. On one hand it was understandable that there would be more tension between herself and others. Allies and friends have suddenly turned their backs on her and appear apathetic towards what has been done to her people. How do you allow yourself to trust when thrown into that kind of situation? Then on the other hand, you wonder how destructive it can be to play into the hands of someone who clearly knew what they were setting into motion when turning the world against you. You question everything and everyone around you, but can you really afford to have that attitude considering the force you’re going up against? It was a create conflict to toss Amethyst into because this is a new experience without the proper guidance to handle it.

Now to say that Maxixe hated Amethyst’s guts was quite the understatement, but he was just one of a number of people encountered in this story who makes you question what changed. At this point in the story it felt like we were reading some Game of Thrones stuff, though more lively of course. This made it easier to get why some of these houses were either revealing their true colors, or revealing that there was a powerful force at play stringing them along.

As someone new to the world of Amethyst, I do enjoy that each passing issue there is a story told which does not forget that not everyone is aware of what they are getting into. When you assume that someone hasn’t read Amethyst before, you assume that they have no awareness of her past adventures, connections with the people of this world, or understanding of how this world works. With this issue in particular, it was appreciated that no matter what unfolded, we were given an understanding of what that was supposed to mean to us. It helps that at the same time that we are exploring this world, we are seeing things from Amethyst’s point of view where things are obviously not the same as they once were.

Like the issues before, the interior work for this book continues to be stunning. There aren’t many books out there from DC that you could call this colorful and full of spectacle. If you are new to Gemworld like me, then there’s so much to take in visually which is simply refreshing with every flip of the page. The settings, the races, the way certain gems are used to represent the Kingdoms Amethyst journeys to. This is a unique slice of the DC Universe tat you aren’t going to see anywhere else. For this issue in particular, I loved the adventurous aspect to it. The page layout and scene transitions made a big difference too. Especially since you have three heroes traveling through land, air, and water.

Overall, Amethyst #3 took advantage of everything you would expect from a girl Amethyst’s age who faces a race against time, and little room for compromise. A lot can go right under the right circumstances, though so much can go wrong too.

Amethyst #3




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