Review: Go Go Power Rangers #32

What’s up everyone! Welcome to Beyond The Panel. Coming at you today with talk about Go Go Power Rangers #32! With this issue we have now reached the end of Go Go Power Rangers. Since this book first debuted alongside Might Morphin Power Rangers, we knew that this time was always going to come. Regardless of sales, or even rating, there’s only so far that you can take a book like this before it catches up. That’s where we are now, and it has been a thrill from start to finish. It sucks that here we are prepared to say goodbye to the original team, but this is what Go Go Power Rangers has been preparing us for since day one.

From start to finish this issue was all about out with the old, and in with the new. his finale was our proper introduction to the new Rangers, and the feeling was definitely nostalgic. I remember the moment myself when I watched the show years back. Of course in the case of Go Go Power Rangers, the situation is a bit different this time around. Though with that said, this didn’t change the fact that this was our time to see how the dynamic for this team was about to change. These were three new kids bringing in a new sense of wonder to this world. No idea about the stakes that were involved in their current fight, or the actuality to the shoes they were trying to fill. I’m just glad that there was actual engagement to easing them into their new roles, rather than just throwing the into the fire.

Jason, Zack, and Trini, this was a heartbreaking time for them. They made sure their departure was felt by everyone. Their decision to leave was emotional because not only was this something that the others had to take in quickly, not everyone was going to be able to agree with this change. How this played out hit hard since at the end of the day there was no being truthful with the rest about what they were really doing. They come clean, and then what? Then you have the team split between their responsibilities to Earth, and what lies beyond. There was no way that someone wasn’t going to feel some way about being abandoned. Despite this being it for them, they even got their last battle in. It was short, but it showed us what we would be missing, and what they were leaving behind for the rest of the Rangers to take care of.

Now as the origin of the Omega Rangers, they also nailed the execution of that moment. If there’s one thing you never forget, it is the moment that new Rangers are created. Whether it was the transferring of titles, or becoming the Omega Rangers, the moment was memorable.

Beyond this, there was small developments here and there to appreciate from this finale. On one hand we know that the further involvement from Promethea was going to be guaranteed. And it didn’t hurt that they made sure to confirm the one thing we all knew had to have happened when Grace seemingly destroyed the Green Dagger. Aside from that you have the plans of Lord Zedd. This was very important since we know that somehow Zedd was always going to be able to get the Dragon Zord going without the dagger. We also know that he isn’t going to maintain control over this weapon too long. This was the best time to set events in motion for the eventuality. Not to mention set the stakes for the kind of challenge the Rangers are going to have working with three rookies.

What I will miss the most about this book coming to an end is saying farewell to the work from this art team. That is not to say there aren’t other places to see amazing interiors like this from them, but when it came to Go Go Power Rangers? You couldn’t help but fall in love with what they brought to the table. The characters were familiar, lively, and they were also colorful. Only with a book like this would you even have visuals which took advantage of everything new and advanced which they never had the budget for in the shows. Something which stood out to men in particular this issue was the use of transitions going from scene to scene. This was the start of the Omega Rangers, but it was also the start of something new for the Rangers on Earth. I enjoyed the way they split the pages to show that no matter where these Rangers were, there was a battle to be fought. Another thing we shouldn’t forget was the lettering too. This here was something which made all the difference in most issues of this book. Those sound effects and fonts were the difference between an average moment, and something unique.

With the conclusion of Go Go Power Rangers #32, one journey ends, to lead to the start of something new. I’m happy t say that this was a story I was there for from the first issue, to the last. This is what you look for from your licensed books when they are supposed to give you an experience you couldn’t get in another medium.

Go Go Power Rangers #32




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