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What’s up everyone! Welcome to Beyond The Panel. Coming at you today with talk about Justice League #46! If like me you were worried about the direction this book was going to take by with this new creative team. Right now I would say that the books is in good hands. I wasn’t entirely sold on the Supermen thing they had going on before, but this situation involving The Spectre has been a thrill. So far there is great action, character moments, and visual appeal.

With the way that this issue picked back up with the story, it was interesting to see the kind of situation the Justice League would quickly have to deal with. One would have assumed that at this point Wonder Woman wouldn’t be met with as much trouble as she finds when coming to her own people for help. Law is law of course for them, but at some point you would think that there would be a better understanding of what is at stake which would matter more than that one.

It was with this issue that we got our first taste of what a world corrupted by the Spectre’s vengeance looks like. It was a heartbreaking scene because there isn’t much you can do with this situation. That of course says a lot when you are talking about a team of powerful heroes like this. These heroes can’t be everywhere, and that means no matter how this ends, there will be loss. It was a tough pill to swallow, but also the best way to raise both the stakes and urgency in finding Corrigan to return him to his role. With that said, they did not lie about the team having to fight through the Amazons to get to the Pit of Tartarus. That battle could have gone a lot of ways, but I enjoyed the fact that Wonder Woman was able to take charge to get through her sisters without things getting too out of hand.

This was also the issue where we would find out that finding Corrigan and putting an end to this madness is easier said than done. Obviously that was going to be a given, though the extent of that was something you couldn’t have predicted. The new situation they found themselves in by the end of the issue was a big one. I couldn’t argue with it either, because as I always say, with a team like this you need real challenges. I mean it was only through what unfolded with her sisters that we actually saw a Wonder Woman who was tapping into some serious power.  The kind of power that she does not tap into as often as she should.

This art team once again knocked it out of the park. With a book like Justice League, it matters to have a good art team working on the covers and interiors. It pays when they bringing their A-game to the interior work in particular. Between Xermanico and Rocha, they do a wonderful job on the pencils. Little time was wasted jumping into a confrontation between the Amazons and the Justice League. It was a thrilling scene because you had so much going on and it was all fun to follow. Especially because this was one of those occasion where the Justice League was fighting with a real strategy. Something else which stood out was the use of close-ups and expressions. For a story that centers around people being corrupted, it made a difference to see how vengeance could twist their nature. Aside from this, the color work was also notable. Particularly since much of this is taking place in dark setting. There was an excellent range of colors used here without leaning too heavily on black to fade things out.

All in all, Justice League #46 delivered in giving us an understanding of just how bad things can get in a world where The Spectre is without his host. That is a world that you want to save from itself before there is nothing left to save.

Justice League #46




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