Review: New Mutants #10

What’s up everyone! Welcome to Beyond The Panel. Coming at you today with talk about New Mutants #10! Right now is probably the most anxious I have been to jump into that next issue of New Mutants after their adventure in space. As I’ve said before, everything else up to this point was great, but at the end of the day these teams need purpose in a new mutant world. It seems that right now the New Mutants are that team which reminds us that there is still work to do on the ground level. Plenty of mutants who need guidance to get through their initial activation of their X-gene.

What I appreciate about this situation right here is that they decided to tackle an extreme case. This could have easily just been another mutant who had a strange appearance and was being hunted for the looks alone. Though here they went with a mutant who both looks different and has a dangerous power to match. Right now is the best time to remind readers that still it’s not always going to be an exciting experience. Who you were before your activation, and after has a huge impact on your ability to control yourself. Especially when it is a power which feeds on your emotions.

Now the big question of course is, how does a team like this, help a case like this? As quickly as their rescue mission began, their lives are already in peril. Not many on this team are really equipped to handle cases where the power level of the person they’re dealing with is too high. The challenge they faced from this was interesting for the fact that this required them to have to think outside of the box for a solution. The plan they came up with was clever for the fact that it was using various members of the team, and forcing them to do things with their powers that they haven’t tried like this. If there is one thing to appreciate about most X-Men books, it is that something as simple as team dynamics

Aside from that, it wasn’t too shocking that this would also turn into one of those stories where we were further exploring the political side of this war. It went without saying that this was already a problem having transpired on lands which don’t recognize mutant sovereignty. No better time than now to get back into the obstacles this creates just from enemies like this looking for any opportunity to show that they are better.

A small thing, but I did love that these notes pages can even give us something as simple as a recipe for a pasta. I honestly didn’t mind it either, because the way this art team created that visual of it? It made me hungry for it… If there’s one thing I will never knock, it is artist’s ability to make food look good enough to want it yourself. That said, a majority of the interior work from this art team was excellent. I was blown away by the quality of work that they put into these characters, and this new mutant’s powers. This was the twisted kind of stuff you would expect from stepping into Legion’s mind, but on a completely different level. The colors made a big difference here as well. When you are dealing with a nightmarish power, it is important that the colorist is able to handle that much black without losing focus of everything aught up within it. This wasn’t a problem because f=there was a lot of things going on in the background, and all of it with a distinct outline whether a different range of that color, or something contrasting.

By the end of the issue, New Mutants #10 is back on track as a book which offers something different from the other X-Books. No matter how big the mutant world has grown this time around, their mission hasn’t changed. When new mutants are activated with no one to help, and in hostile territory? Teams like this are required to step in.

New Mutants #10




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