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What’s up everyone! Welcome to Beyond The Panel. Coming at you today with talk about Undiscovered Country #6! Feels a bit strange that this is the issue we are picking back up with, only for it to be the end of the first story arc.However, it is an issue you would look forward to when you know that as the end of the first story arc, things are about to get crazy. And that’s not saying much when most of this book so far has been off the rails between the revelation about the world really looks like within the walls of the US, and the immediate consequences that come with entering.

With Undiscovered Country #5 serving as more of a build-up, there was a lot to look forward to from this issue. Especially when just about anything can and could happen trying to get out of the Destiny Lands. As I said before, if you aren’t running from something, you are sure as hell running towards it if you are Sam or the Destiny Man. Having that in mind, this issue hit the ground running (literally) with this race to the door. I loved the momentum they carried through it all, because the urgency could not be more real to get to that door before getting caught by the Destiny Man. As for the Destiny Man himself, I’m glad that this is a character who could put the fear in them to create this urgency. He had the drive, the motivation, not to mention the resources to make this escape easier said than done.

When it came to this group of “Chosen Ones”, the trouble they ran into was great for the fact that it is this issue alone which sets everything else to follow in motion. There was the certainty some of them have towards acknowledging the role they have been given to play, and then there’s the conflict that they would obviously have to work through to even agree on the best direction to take. How this all played out was excellent for the engagement between them. This was that time for some of them to make their intentions clear. We know that turning back was not going to be a choice they would take, but

Something I’ve come to appreciate about Undiscovered Country is that this is yet another book which released around a time where it couldn’t have reflected the real world more. “Live free or die”? “The American Dream”? These are all the things we are fighting for right now. A country that is supposed to be simple, and yet it is complicated by people who want all the control over the freedoms it should offer. People are willing to die for the right to have that freedom, and walk their own spiral right now to achieve it. I believe this book is the perfect reflection of something which we can now relate to. Minus the madness and bits of sci-fi of course.

Pavel’s story has been one I admired. Initially we were led to believe that this world was going to do some horrible things to all of them, and right now that still holds true. Pavel had his leg eaten off, and he was chained to a wall that would eventually kill him once he tired out from climbing it. That could have been the end of his story, getting into a confrontation at the top could have been the end of him, but he found a way to take control of this story in the end. It was unexpected as to how he pulled this off, but it created some glimmer of hope for the rest of them. Even when things aren’t looking too good for them right now. It’s a great foreshadowing to a greater purpose in this new country. It’s not going to be as simple as escaping. Not when you have seen how bat**** crazy things have gotten over time.

With this return from Undiscovered Country, once more I fell in love with this book all over again because of the artwork. When tackling a book like this, you could have asked for a better team to breathe life into this new country. Every issue takes us deeper and deeper into the wonders which this US holds. Boundless potential in creativity they tapped into between the way that these people have twisted their appearances, the way that they now dress themselves, even the way that they carry themselves. And that is only the icing on the cake before you sink deeper into the new species of animals/creatures, forms of travel, and even forms of shelter. All the things you could imagine putting together in a world without law was spawned onto these pages. This issue was no different when faced with what we had to look forward to on the other side of the door.

This is an experience you are not going to get anywhere else in comics. Undiscovered Country #6 proved just how ambitious this book is, and I could not see a reason not to look forward to more after the note that this story arc ended on. This is a dangerous game they have stepped into, and I get the feeling that we are far from seeing the worst that it has in store for them. Surely we haven’t seen all the major players involved in this either.

Undiscovered Country #6




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