DC Universe’s Harley Quinn “A Fight Worth Fighting For” Review

***Spoiler Review***

What’s up everyone! Welcome to Beyond The Panel. Coming at you today with talk about the DC Universe’s Harley Quinn “Dye Hard”! This season started out as Harley trying to set everyone free in Gotham to do as they please, but who would have guessed that we would get to a point where she would actually end up trying to set the Justice League free? Not a bad turn of events, because we all love this show for its ability to be wildly unpredictable.Especially when freeing the League will involve taking help from The Joker who she just threw back into the acid pit to regain his memories.

Off the bat, it was fun to get another episode where they decided to go with a unique beginning. Here we have Frank returning, but only to summarize everything which has happened up to this week’s episode. It was gold, because he has a reaction about this which happen around him which no one else shares. Not to mention he has a tendency of getting into whatever he does while high.

That said, the big thing for this week’s episode was getting down to what you get with the return of The Joker. You expect a lot of things when dealing with The Joker, but nothing like the adventure he went on with Harley. It was entertaining because for most of this episode you weren’t really seeing two villains, you were just seeing two individuals who had some problems to deal with. For Joker, it made a big difference that he would remember everything he experienced while he lost his memories. A monster like him doesn’t change unless you fundamentally challenge everything wrong with the way he thinks. What made him entertaining was that where those memories would have easily faded over time, he had two ladies who utterly crapped on him for not understanding how who he was before was better than the garbage he actually was.

As for Harley, she wasn’t off the hook either. That’s not to say that she didn’t get her pound of flesh from letting The Joker know how she felt about him, but she also had some things to work through too. At this point in the season, this would be the right time for her to begin picking herself back up. That begins with acknowledging that despite the reason for a relationship not being possible with Ivy, she can’t run away from the reality that she can change the things which make her irresponsible to love.

With that said, their hunt for the Queen of Fables’ book was something that was easier said than done. You wouldn’t think that finding this book would be that much of a challenge, and yet these two were put on a chase. It led to a some good action from them as well. Between the fight they put up against the parademoons, and the carnage left being by the parademons tearing through the city, I think they hit their quota on senseless violence. Only with a show like this will you really get a pass with seeing bodies torn apart, eaten, and even melted on screen.

Now when it came to Ivy and Kite Man trying to make the arrangements for their wedding, you couldn’t have asked for a better turn of events for them. There’s just no way you can ignore what’s going on in Gotham. This isn’t the same city it was at the start of the season where being evil was simply the new norm. You have parademons swarming the city, and they do not discriminate who they target. It was a fun transition seeing Ivy try to act like everything was fine, and that nothing was going to stop them from having the wedding as soon as they could. Then reach that boiling point as their interference became too much for her to tolerate. The end result sucks, but there’s no way Psycho doesn’t make enemies through this powerplay of his.

That aside, who would have thought it would really take almost two full seasons before we got some backstory for Psycho? Better late than never in my book. It was worth it to get to a place with this villain where you understand why he does what he does, but you don’t excuse him for it either.

All in all, DC Universe’s Harley Quinn “A Fight Worth Fighting For” was more of the same chaos from this show, but they found a way to make these characters as engaging as they could be. They were given something to fight for, a reason to fight for what they do, and that is a refreshing experience to have with your villains. Some out there can take some notes on how to do this too, without resorting to making you feel like you have to sympathize with the bad guys.

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