Listeners “I Am The Resurrection” Review

***Spoiler Review***

What’s up everyone! Welcome to Beyond The Panel. Coming at you today with talk about Listeners “I Am The Resurrection”! Listeners is the latest anime series that I have jumped into, and it surprised me that for once it was one still ongoing. To be specific, this is one of the spring 2020 releases. For those who don’t know, Listeners is set in a post-apocalyptic world where Humanity is defended from Earless attacks by the Players, the latter earning fame and fortune along the way. Our main character is Echo Rec (Yeah, ironic) who dreams of joining the Players and piloting a mecha of his own, but has no prospects of doing so, until he encounters μ – an enigmatic girl who’s lost her memory and has an auxiliary port on her body.

Now while you are led to believe that this would be a series where the two main characters set off for fame and fortune, quickly it became something much more along the way. This series become more about exploring the world of Players, and in the process coming to understand who Mu really is. Pacing and momentum was on their side as well, because this also could have been one of those series where they took their time dragging us along for the sake of adventure. Though each passing episode took us deeper and deeper, from one corner of the world to the next, from one key player in this world to the next. When the story kicked off, they made sure there wasn’t an episode where we weren’t learning something crucial about how this world came to be. Not to mention where people like Echo and Mu fit in it.

As one of the main characters, Echo so far has been endearing for what he offered to us. He came with a sense of wonder to everything which unfolded around him. Being a kid who came from nothing and lived in a nowhere town, everything was a fresh experience for him, which in turn was the same for us. As we pushed deeper into this story, it also benefited having someone like him who didn’t fully understand how the world worked. That maybe asking the right questions wasn’t going to get him the answers he wanted. Clearly that was the case since in this week’s episode they find themselves in a situation you never would have thought they would find themselves in. Echo who was once feeling more lost than he ever did before, and Mu exposed to forces which created a destiny for her that clashes with the girl we have gotten to know over time.

For this episode specifically, I loved that everything was beginning to come full circle for the rest of the characters as well. That they could all put their differences and pasts behind them to work towards a better outcome than what they experienced once before. There was no more drama, politics, or obstacles to overcome. All that was left was for these characters, Players especially, to get their heads right for the job that needed to get done.

The animation is one of the best things that this series has going for it. Since the first episode I was blown away by the work that MAPPA put into this. Very detailed work, smooth animations, and explosive colors. They especially know how to step up with the quality when it comes to those key scenes where a Player is achieving something extraordinary with their “equipment”. Not everyone will love when a series jumps between 2D and 3D, but you have to give credit where it is due when a studio proves to be capable of going to such lengths to capture a moment of climax.

Only one thing has ever disappointed me about the series, and that was the fact that I was expecting something musical. When you read the words Listeners, you somewhat expect that there will actually be some music involved. Unfortunately that isn’t really the case. If there was music, it’s nothing that you actually hear yourself. For the most part you are only treated to the action aspect of what these Players offer. When I got past that bit of disappointment, this was still an excellent series if you treat everything else as a form of performance. A Player springing into action in this world, is practically the same thing as someone putting on a show for the masses. I would compare being a player to being a hero, if you were after the showmanship aspect of it.

Things have gotten dire in Listeners “I Am The Resurrection”. With the past about to repeat itself, and little option left than to put a friend down, it makes you anxious to think about what comes next. It’s times like this which truly defines what it means to step up and be a hero.

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