Gleipnir “The Price of Resolve” Review

***Spoiler Review***

What’s up everyone! Welcome to Beyond The Panel. Coming at you today with talk about Gleipnir! Never underestimate the underdogs, because even they can be capable of doing what this group did to another that is full of killers. There was no telling how they would move forward from this, unless you read the books, but you surely wanted to see what came next.

After the events of their first confrontation, the tone has shifted in this story. Where the goal was to collect one-hundred coins? Now they have added just surviving to the next day as their goal. Their enemies know their faces, and so early into their start they have already had to take lives just to keep theirs. Nothing that has unfolded so far is what you would have expected from this group when Shuichi and Clair first joined. The writers quickly threw them into the thick of it, and honestly? I couldn’t find one thing to argue with about it. This isn’t a story where you’re meant to get swept away by the things which are out of the ordinary. These stories are supposed to grab you by the neck, and put the fear into you.

They addressed what state of mind most of the group has after the disaster they escaped, and they played perfectly into the suspense this creates when no one is safe. For Shuichi in particular, I loved that he was the one who would run into trouble first. It was a pretty cool action scene that came with said moment. That switch in his head finally flipped for him to get what needed to change about him. He needed to be more than just the costume, the weapon, or the guy who couldn’t make the hard call.

Continuing from last week’s episode, there was no better time than now to really dig into the darkness which we knew would inevitably begin to swallow Shuichi. Since the start of the series, this has always been about that journey into madness. Exploring the things which defines a monster, or possibility of making it through this world without becoming a monster. It was better now than later for them to peel the band-aid off to make the statement that no one is going to walk out of this a saint. Not even the guy who seems like he is only a means to an end.

What I appreciated most about this episode was the depth given to the importance of the memories which Shuichi lost. Up to this point, I would have easily assumed that this mostly had something to do with Elena and her need to be with Shuichi. I never would have guessed how far deeper the truth actually went. The gaps in his memories are much bigger than expected, and just might be one key, at least, to piecing together a game that has been played much longer than others involved.

In turn, we also came to learn a great deal about the alien. This was unexpected so soon in the anime, yet it was also welcomed for what we came to understand about what set this game in motion. What you probably never had the chance to question was where this vending machine came from, who was the first interaction this alien had, and how did things get to a point where people were willing to kill for coins? They were questions we never had the time to ask, but here were the answers laid out for us. All of it adding so many new layers to this story. From this point on, I’m sure that our interest in the group Elena is with will only grow. People like them didn’t suddenly turn evil, or suddenly wake up and decide there was nothing wrong with getting some blood on their hands.

“The Price of Resolve” made a lot of sense by the end of this episode. For anyone who decides to move forward, and we obviously know two who will, there is a price to pay for that kind of determination. And it comes with a feeling of knowing that what you did was only the prelude to what more you will have to do to achieve your goals.

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