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What’s up everyone! Welcome to Beyond The Panel. Coming at you today with talk about Birthright #44! Since March, I don’t think I had ever been so excited for that next issue of Birthright. This week we were are all in for one hell of a fight. The Chosen One vs. the God King Lore for the fate of two worlds. Everything has led to what is about to unfold in this issue, and surely this is the one we will all be talking about after.

From start to finish, this issue took me by surprise. I knew that we were in for a treat since our heroes were making their big move against Lore. Though who would have guessed that this issue for the most part would be all about the battle between Mikey and Lore? For a battle that was issues in the making, I would say that this creative team was owed the opportunity to indulge in some nonstop action. As I said before, the time for talking had long passed. All that was left now for Mikey, Brennan, Rya, and company was for them to set their plan in motion. The one move that will either save their world, or fail them and lose two worlds to the God King. Now this isn’t to say that you aren’t going to get to the end of the issue wondering how you just blew through twenty pages so easily, though that also meant that the action succeeded in grabbing your attention till the very end.

There might even be some of those out there who wonder how the battle ended the way that it did. Though I would agree with the team as well on this. Mikey has spent most of his life preparing for this fight right here. Even after his loss and possession by the Nevermind, that was all preparing him for what was truly do or die against the God King Lore. When you have that in mind, there was no arguing with the result of their battle. Now of course, you should never take anything at face value with a book like this. Nothing is over till it is over.

With that said, there was plenty of talking between the action, but all of it was the things we needed to hear most between Mikey and Lore. Up to this point it was always one trying to simply get under the skin of the other. Trying to tell each other what they wanted to hear. Though here in this final confrontation they were simply putting it all on the table. Speaking their truth which hit just as hard as their fists or swords could. Mikey was at a point of realization in where he stood as the one destined to beat Lore, and Lore was brimming with confidence knowing that he has already won once and got this far already. The war of words was well fought and captured everything which had been building up to this very moment.

Seeing how this issue was all action, I wasn’t too shocked by how stunning the interiors turned out. The choreography for the battle was impressive, and also a breath of fresh air for me. For most of the big encounters we have experienced in Birthright, it was either leaning heavily on the magic, or just flashy to highlight the fantastical elements of the series. This was one of those issues which stood out because the art team was focused more on the choreography and engagement that comes with two warriors clashing swords. Well two magic swords that would probably incinerate any normal person. Though all the same I loved the impact of their battle, the tension written on their faces, the scale of the battle which took them through the battlefield. I even loved that there was such attention to detail and patience from these artists that Mikey could find himself fighting more than one enemy at once. Even now there was so much going on in any given page or panel, and they did not skip a beat. This is what it means for an art team to immerse you into their world in all scenarios.

So, was Birthright #44 worth the wait? It absolutely was! There was action, heart, and visual appeal to everything which unfolded in this issue. But the story is not done yet. We know better than to assume anything that comes next when the barrier is still broken, and a monster horde still exists on Earth.

Birthright #44




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