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What’s up everyone! Welcome to Beyond The Panel. Coming at you today with talk about Hawkman #24! I felt like I jumped in at the best time for the Hawkman series. Especially since this is the issue where as they said,at last Hawkman and Hawkwoman are reunited. This moment right here was issues in the making and worth the wait. Not to mention this is the point in the story where they are setting us up for something big to come next. 

That said, what has been set in motion here is huge. Of all the places Hawkman and Hawkwoman could have been dragged, it had to be to the place of the first life they lived. In other words, they’ve been sucked into the realm of the Lord Beyond the Void where Carter Hall is treated to another reunionÂ…with the legacy of all the lives he took in his first life as Ktar Deathbringer. Now the big question for me was how exactly they were pulled back to the realm of the Lord Beyond the Void. Was this that time in the past? Or were they dragged to the realm in the present? Fortunately it didn’t take long for us to get our answer to that question. One I appreciated because it was much easier to believe the guilt for something that Carter didn’t put a lid on back then.

Knowing when this was all taking place was only half the battle, the other half was Carter coming to terms with the work that was left undone in his first life. There was still these people being used as slaves, as sacrifices, while there was also these soldiers who didn’t understand that they were doing wrong. Above all, there was the Lord Beyond the Void himself who is always going to be a problem until he is dealt with for good.

Having Hawkwoman there with him was perfect. While up to this point it was important for Hawkman to understand the memories he had forgotten, it was more important that both of them were able to confront something that is unfinished business for them. Her perspective was exciting because to some extent this is all kind of new. There was some things she was not there for, and is only experiencing for herself now. The humor she added to that realization didn’t hurt either. It felt fitting that these two could confront this situation with confidence in what they could accomplish together. Better that she could also take to this fight with a sense of clarity in her actions which counteracted some of the inner struggles Carter was still going through.

Thanks to this art team, I felt the same excitement that I did from the first story arc. I still remember how exhilarating that issue was where the Deathbringers were unleashed upon Earth. It was one heck of a spectacle that I didn’t think they would be able to replicate again in the series. Through the efforts of this art team, that assumption was wrong. The battle which unfolded was hard to turn away from, because Fernando Pasarin is that kind of penciler who knows how to put his all into a scene. From start to finish it was impressive how he was able to engage us in this fight which involved so many moving objects in the sky, with just as many on the ground. To accomplish something like this with quality put into every action is nothing to overlook. I mean between Hawkman, Hawkwoman, and the Deathbringers, it was impressive enough that there was such a smoothness to the choreography of their battle and movements. Aside from that, I did admire the way that the interiors still popped with color despite there being a limited lightsource in this realm.

If there’s one reason to recommend this book to DC readers, it would be the fact that Hawkman is one of the most consistent books they have to offer. Where we are right now in Hawkman #24, has been issues in the making since Carter had that first flashback of his past lives. A story that had to work its way all the way to the beginning, to work towards an end.

Hawkman #24




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