DC Universe’s Harley Quinn “Lovers’ Quarrel” Review

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What’s up everyone! Welcome to Beyond The Panel. Coming at you today with talk about the DC Universe’s Harley Quinn “Lovers’ Quarrel”! The Justice League has been freed from the Queen of Fables’ book, we got to know why Psycho is the way he is, The Joker just made himself five-percent less of a piece of **** than he usually is. Big things happened in the past week, and this week held much more for us to look forward to. Dealing with Psycho and his Parademon army was one thing, but how do you handle that on top of his newest recruit in Poison Ivy? I think we can all guess why this episode has been titled “Lovers’ Quarrel”.

This week Psycho’s plans went into full swing. He already had his Parademon army unleashed upon the city, but now he also had the combined power of King Shark, Clayface, and Poison Ivy to back him up too. I know what some were thinking, because they were probably thinking the same as me. How the heck do you rely on villains like King Shark and Clayface to add power to your army? The answer to that was pretty shocking. I was not ready for it myself, but I was damn well waiting a long time to finally see it. As we all know, these villains are terrifying in the books. Either one of them could give a hero a run for their money if they got serious. Under Psycho’s control? We finally got to see both of them at their best. It was worthwhile, and Harley’s reaction to it was perfect. She had a stronger crew than she thought, but they were simply weighed down by their individual personalities. Without that, they were forces to be reckoned with! They were quick as well when it came to showing us how wrong things could go with Ivy under Pycho’s control. That’s not a force that Harley can really stand against whether friend or foe. I mean, Ivy is a powerful villain already. Though when you leave nothing in her head but one singular goal? I enjoyed the room they gave her to just be a monster and creative with plants in a way that she wasn’t before.

How Harley and Kite Man handled this was entertaining too. For Harley this was an uphill battle. Yeah she brought the Justice League back into the battle, but her ultimate goal was to save Ivy from Psycho’s control. Though how does someone like her accomplish that? Especially when her help is Kite Man. What gave them a fighting chance was definitely what you would call convenient, yet it was also appreciated for the twist that we weren’t done with a certain character who we all would have missed after recent events. Everything just came down to these two actually being able to do something with what they had. I would say that it also went a long way that this episode wasn’t them taking too many shots to poke fun at Kite Man. He can be useless, but even he has his periods where he can do something which others can’t.

Personally, I was a bit on the fence about the whole situation we knew this was building up to. The endgame is Harley taking her chance on love like The Joker did last week, but to really be the one to get in the way of someone’s wedding? Big cliche right there. The only thing which kept me invested in that moment coming was the fact that this is Harley’s time to genuinely acknowledge everything that would have once made her the wrong person to love. That moment right there was emotional because it was a combination of Harley being able to profess her feelings of love, and Ivy showing that there is something there that she could not deny.

Now it wasn’t the full Justice League which sprung into action, but the Trinity instead. I actually found myself humored with the role they played in fighting against Pycho’s army. This probably should have been a battle they tackled with ease, though nothing is that easy in this world. It was exciting to see some of the fun they were having with Batman, shared with Superman and Wonder Woman too. There’s no lying to ourselves that there are even things about those two which you cannot take seriously. They were badass, but they also had moments here and there where they had to get some words in. The funniest being a certain conversation which Superman and Wonder Woman had with each other. It was memorable for someone being bold enough to take a knock at him being an alien. Normally, most people play it safe and choose to mock him for his morals or weaknesses.

DC Universe’s Harley Quinn “Lovers’ Quarrel” was a lot of things, but it was mostly the episode we were waiting for since the bachelorette party where Ivy shut down Harley’s advances. It was either going to happen this week, or it was going to happen in next week’s season finale, but at least we knew that these creatives were ready to give us the real deal when it came to a relationship with Harley and Ivy being possible.

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