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What’s up everyone! Welcome to Beyond The Panel. Coming at you today with talk about DC’s Stargirl “The Justice Society”! Big week when we have Courtney leading her newly formed team into their first mission against Injustice Society members Sportsmaster and Tigress. We know that this first mission is going to be a bust, but knowing the end result doesn’t change the excitement of the mission itself.

This was an episode where they pulled no punches, and they started almost right away. From the minute we got that scene last week where Pat discovered what Courtney took from the JSA base? You just knew that she was going to be in some trouble with Pat. This scene hit fast, and I was actually surprised by how it turned out. It was the first time where Pat really put his foot down as the adult in this situation, and this was the first time where Courtney actually understood that their was weight to the decisions she was making on her own. When the series premiere for Stargirl came, I only had my concerns when it came to the relationship these two had. It wasn’t bad, it wasn’t great either, though the issue was that it was drama we’ve seen before. There was only so far they could get away with the two being at odds about moving in together. Fortunately for us, after that first episode they didn’t turn to that tension once. This week was the first time they were at odds, and it made sense when her inability to listen to him was hurtful. I mean, how would you feel telling someone that something is too dangerous to do, and that person going so far out of their way to ignore what is you caring about their safety?

Now it was very interesting how that one argument really created a whole series of events where in turn we ended up understanding these people Courtney chose even better than the episodes they were given. It was obvious that Pat wasn’t going to be happy with what Courtney did, and it was obvious that he was going to ask for those things back. From there, they took the perfect opportunity to cement each character’s decision to answer the call to action. It was endearing to explore what this meant to some of them. Rick didn’t shock you too much, aside from the manner in which he responded to the request. There wasn’t too much to get about why he wouldn’t part with something that was his father’s. However, for Yolanda and Beth? This changed a lot about the direction their lives were taking up to this point. One feeling the confidence that you can reinvent yourself, unburdened by the past. While the other experiencing a connection that is hard with other people. How do you give that up?

With that said, this was also a big episode for Pat. One thing did tend to hit hard, and that was what Pat has found himself going through to snap out of his hesitation to do something. Even if this was a situation where you wanted to be cautious, it was hard to deny that Pat wasn’t doing enough. Because he was there for what happened to the JSA, he was suffering from that state of mind where being a hero was something which gets you killed. If heroes allowed themselves to be burdened by that kind of thinking, they would not spring into action at all. This week was his time to wake up. It took some painful interactions to get there, but someone like Pat needs that kind of push.

As I said above, the main attraction this week was Courtney leading her newly formed team into their first mission against Injustice Society members Sportsmaster and Tigress. It wasn’t enough to just know that they were going to get their butts handed to them, because there was much more to what were going to get out of this. This was the first time that we were seeing them use their powers in action, but in more practical situations. I loved that they all got the opportunity to show what makes them fitting for the mantles they took up. Rick got his moment to shine when putting his money where his mouth was. It wasn’t enough for him to be angry and need something to hit. He still needed to be able to hit something. The good thing is that they didn’t waste the chance to challenge some of the limitations to his strength. Yolanda and Courtney caught me off guard. Both of them you knew were experienced to some degree in fighting, but it was another thing to actually see them in action. The choreography of their fight with Sportsmaster and Tigress was impressive. I could say the same for Sportsmaster and Tigress too. These two were amazing, and more so when they were pulling off combos which would keep any rookie on their toes.

This just left us with Beth, who to no surprise was more of the resourceful asset. Even then she had her moments being the one who has both the time and room to be able to analyze a situation before stepping in. That is something to appreciate on any super team.

What shouldn’t go overlooked was the villain interactions too. I found this chilling because they chose this week to make a statement with these villains and how they connect. One would assume that a team of villains who killed a superhero team would be on the same page about a lot of things, but this clearly has not been the case since Wizard. Not to mention Brainwave acting on his own and getting knocked into a coma. Sportsmaster and Tigress offered another layer to the madness which still exists in them. These people may be embedded in the city, but at their core they are what they are. Which also means there is only really the job and nothing else between them. I’m interested in seeing where this takes the ISA as they take steps further towards their ultimate goal.

Given everything which unfolded in this episode, it surprised me that they actually had the time to give for Barbara showing up in support of Mike’s science fair. It was a small scene, yet powerful at the same time. This is a superhero show, but the little things still matter. Even something as small as a step-mom and step-son connecting is worth investing time in. Especially when these two are simply just living day to day.

Again, talk about that new hero experience, am I right? DC’s Stargirl “The Justice Society” threw everyone into the thick of it. Villains got to get their hands dirty, rookie heroes got their first taste of a real fight. The true battle for the future of this town and the world officially, begins now.

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