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What’s up everyone! Welcome to Beyond The Panel. Coming at you today with talk about Doctor Tomorrow #3! This confrontation with Hadrian is supposed to be massive, but the devil is in the details. Anticipation for this issue was high because I hope I speak for many when I say that I hoped for a different turn of events than what was already foreseen. I mean, would fighting a villain like this really take the sacrifice of so many fan favorites? You expect some boldness to your stories when it comes to Valiant, but even this felt like a bit much. There had to be more to what this book has been setting up.

With this third issue, they threw us straight into the battle. Everyone who was needed for the battle was present, and little time was wasted in putting a plan together for them to overcome the power they were facing. What surprised me was seeing that indeed things were going to unfold differently from what we were led to believe this was leading up to. I’m going to assume that the story we were initially fed was supposed to be the result of these heroes not acting fast enough to stop Hadrian. Though like I said above the devil was in the details. Specifically when it came to this issue. It took me off guard that one simple decision really gave you a glimpse as to the direction this battle would take before it even began. For everything that we knew about this story, there was just some things which didn’t add up. You couldn’t name those things immediately because it would have either been too early to have things figured out, or too out there to assume that things were not as they seemed. The only thing you really knew was that the third issue was too good to be true for the big climatic battle to happen now without something to carry the story to those last issues.

What you will come to expect from this issue is a twist you would have never seen coming till it hit. I wouldn’t call the execution perfect, but it was exciting for the unknown factor to this story that they took advantage of. When it comes to stories involving time, the biggest worry tends to be that you have been there done that with a lot which unfolds. On the surface there was nothing really special to this story aside from the fact that they don’t do too much time travel in the Valiant Universe. So they really thought outside the box to create a scenario which shocks you for the possibilities you couldn’t have taken into account given the multiversal theory.

At the end of the day, they didn’t lie that the entire world vs. a madmanÂ… the world is going to need more heroes. Nor did they steer you wrong that this battle would be Hardian standing against the Valiant Universe. Though seeing that there was much more to it than that was the best you could ask for.

When it came to the interior work for this issue, I would say that it was solid. Just enough to sell us on what was supposed to be the biggest battle for a lot of these heroes. The only thing which became a challenge was the art style from this art team. It’s not bad, but it also didn’t feel too fitting for this story. There’s just something about those square faces which is hard to overlook. Now when you can get past stuff like that? As I said, it was solid work. A great sense of consistency, perspective, not to mention explosiveness of the colors. There was no shortage of the colors popping because that is what you expect from these heroes and villain throwing everything at each other. The turnout was much better as well when there was less slaughtering of the heroes instead of them actually being given the room to fight back.

Doctor Tomorrow #3 could have been your run of the mill issue where it’s just the big climatic battle for the fate of the world, and nothing more. It made a huge difference that there was a better takeaway from this issue than that. I would say that through the events of this issue they found the smartest way to keep our interest in what the rest of this book has to offer.

Doctor Tomorrow #3




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