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What’s up everyone! Welcome to Beyond The Panel. Coming at you today with talk about Justice League #47! There’s no greater danger than a situation where you have to save the world from itself. The Justice League is the kind of superhero team where they are doing their best work hitting the big bad in the face. Unfortunately for them, this isn’t one of those kinds of jobs. There’s someone to hit in the face, but only as a means of getting to Jim Corrigan.

This issue quickly took us deeper into what a world corrupted with a need for vengeance looked like. If the thought of the Amazons wasn’t enough to help you to understand what is at stake in a world without God’s Judgement, they made sure we knew what the rest of the world would experience as well. This was a corruption which did not discriminate either. From things big, to things so small it would shock you that that would be a reason to fight/kill someone. One thing which I think should be addressed is the consistency in strength of the message. There was one thing which concerned me jumping back into this book with a new creative team. I worried that we would have lost a lot of what was compelling about the previous run. The stakes in the war they fought was one thing, but that heart was what held your investment. This story right here put that feeling back into the book. I only hope that moving forward from this story arc that isn’t going to be forgotten. You can go big, and still maintain the ability to tug at a reader’s heart.

Running into Jim Corrigan like this was just what we needed as well. We knew that the guy was running away from a responsibility that he had grown tired of, but we still needed to be able to hear this from Jim himself. That was a heartbreaking scene, because it really isn’t fair. His job as being host for The Spectre is important, but it is also a responsibility to you wouldn’t thrust upon someone who didn’t ask for it.

The icing on the cake was the battle against Tartarus. Not your average battle with a big bad considering what kind of power this entity wielded, but all the same this art team made it thrilling for the challenge this created for the Justice League. From the start of the issue I was already feeling the work that this art team was doing. Where I was just okay with the way that the characters and settings were drawn and rendered, now I was impressed with the quality which clearly was a step up. I wouldn’t say that the pencils in particular were consistent, but I think everything had to do with the use of perspective. Barrows is definitely one of those who does his best work when the objects are close and in focus. It helped having an inker onboard like Ferreira too. His inks created depth which gave a lot of things drawn a sense of fullness. Aside from that, of course the use of inking worked great with the fact that much of this story was taking place in a dark setting. Meaning you want to be able to properly setting the direction of the lighting and shadows. As for the colors, consistent work as always from Fajardo. I would say that this guy right here made the biggest difference in the overall appeal of the interior art. A stunning range of colors which made everything about the interiors pop. I couldn’t tell which grabbed my attention more between the colors which created boldness, or the colors which created very good textures.

How this story arc concluded was endearing because this story addressing a lot of things that these heroes went through up to this point. This may be the Justice League, but these heroes have and still are going through a lot on their own. It is always appreciated when a creative team chooses to acknowledge that fact. There are readers out there who wonder when books like this take place, or if what happens outside of the book matters. Through a story like this? Now we know that everything matters. Whether it is the effect of Superman revealing his identity to the world, or something else, this was a great time to remind everyone that these guys are still human. They deal with extraordinary situations, but also some which hit close to home. Though it is how they deal with it all which creates stories like this where they have the room to truly grow from what they

With the conclusion of Justice League #47 comes the conclusion of this story arc, and this was one heck of a story to tell. If you ever wondered what would happen if the Judgement of God was neglected? Now you know, and thus it is hard to argue that there is a more important figure on Earth than The Spectre, and the man who has to be this force of nature’s host.

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