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What’s up everyone! Welcome to Beyond The Panel. Coming at you today with talk about Suicide Squad #6! This is not at all where I thought we would be in this story, and I love this book all the more for the excitement in the unpredictability. Lok is dead, Task Force X is free, and so are The Revolutionaries. The big question is, what comes next? How do these guys take the fight to people at the top? Especially when the big hype for this issue is, drum-roll…. The Batman! As I said before, if you thought you had this creative team’s plans for the book figured out? Forget about it and just let them blow your mind, because it’s only with a book like this where that is guaranteed!

This issue from the start reminded me of why I also love the pacing to Tom Taylor’s writing. This guy knows not to waste your time. At the end of Suicide Squad #5 we saw these guys jumping out the windows of Belle Reve, and at the start of this issue they are already taking their first steps towards freeing themselves. That is what I like to see. Particularly because you don’t have the time to figure out your next move after the enemies they just made. Now as we questioned what followed an escape from Task Force X, the answer to that didn’t take long to hit us either. This issue may not have been them actually making that next move, but it was this team coming to understand what they are up against. You knew that these were people who have power, money, and resources, but you could not have expected that they would have the pull enough to send enough people at them that they would quickly lose the idea that they were safe out there in the real world.

When you think of why Batman of all heroes would take to this development, it wasn’t difficult to make sense of. On one hand you know that no matter where these guys go, there will possibly be a trail of bodies. On the other hand, you would want to know what went wrong that a team of supers like this are running around unchecked. How they ran into confrontation was expected, but it was the battle itself which was exciting. Much of this issue was action-packed and delivered because there has been no one like Batman that they have taken on up to this point. I was actually surprised by the kind of fight that just The Revolutionaries were able to put up. You knew that they were formidable when they were working together, yet it was another thing when they were putting their teamwork to the test against Batman. Where things really got good? That was when the shift turned to Deadshot. Didn’t see that coming, but welcomed it all the same. The action aside from being experienced in fighting Batman, this run overall is very important to his character. There was no better time than now to get into what freedom means for someone who has a world to get back to outside of this madness.

Now in spite of the situation they are now in, I’m glad that the tone did not change much. This is a book which will play with your emotions, but at the end of the day this is a book which is supposed to find creative ways to entertain readers. That was not forgotten for one second. The Revolutionaries were funny, Deadshot and Harley were of course funny, though the biggest surprise was seeing how entertaining Batman could be. While I enjoyed the other run of Suicide Squad, I would be fooling myself to say that he was written in a way that was fitting for this book.

There was one thing which caught me off guard, and I’m glad there was a writer to address it. One does not simply get conscripted to Task Force X multiple times, after so long there had to be a reason why those like Harley Quinn and Deadshot were still the veterans on the team. We got our answer, and it struck true to their cores.

What brought this exhilarating issue together was of course the work from this art team. With a book like Suicide Squad, the story is only half the battle. The other half is engaging the readers visually. To that extent we have not been let down yet. I fell in love with everything that was done to immerse us in what was unfolding. As I’ve pointed out before, the layouts you use make a huge difference in appeal. You get more actions out of your pages, more room for different perspectives, not to mention it better motivates you to really put thought into the way your scenes transition from one into the next. With that said, the action was spectacular. This is what it looks like when you have an art team who knows what they are doing with Batman. Everything about the way he moved like a ninja looked fun. There one minute, gone the next, snatching up people left and right. Don’t get me started on the expressions from dealing with people who knew how to handle him. For this issue in particular, it also goes without saying that the use of dots worked. Normally this would be used to create a classic atmosphere for a story, but when the story is also set in Gotham, it helps to set the mood.

The hunters were definitely hunted this week. Suicide Squad #6 did not disappoint one bit showing these guys what they have stepped into trying to take down the puppet master who’s been pulling their strings. Not only that, but reminding these guys that this is a daring mission to accomplish in a world of heroes.

Suicide Squad #6




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