Digimon Adventure “Birdramon Soars” Review

What’s up everyone! Welcome to Beyond The Panel. Coming at you today with talk about the fourth episode of Digimon Adventure! It’s good to have Digimon Adventure after the hiatus they had to put it on. That couldn’t have happened at a more painful time for anyone who was anticipating the debut of this reboot. To only get three episodes in and then have to wait how many months after to continue the adventure. As I said before, so far this is re-imagining done very well when everything is taken from a new angle. There is a deeper appreciation to take from the liberties they have taken to update this story from the original run. I couldn’t help but look forward to how different the first trip to the Digital World would turn out under different circumstances.

From the start of this episode, we were experiencing a new kind of adventure from what we got out of the original series. As you would recall, it all started with the summer camp, and from there everyone was thrust into the Digital World at the same time. However, that is not the case here. Instead we have a problem in Tokyo, which prompts a trip to the Digital World for some of them. Some might question the need to handle things so differently like this, but right now I appreciate how they have decided to shake things up. When they introduced all of the DigiDestined together? It was a bit of a mess. Too many characters thrown together at once and creating a rush job for a lot of things they should have had the time to adjust to. You know, understanding the world around them, their purpose, getting to know their Digimon. So with that said, I appreciated the fact that this first trip to the Digital World was solely shared by Taichi and Sora.

Now what caught me off guard was the way that they introduced Sora to us. I think we were all expecting something that was going to be a bit over-the-top when it came to wrapping her head around being plucked from her world, and dropped into this one. However, her experience couldn’t have been more smooth in terms of processing what was going on around her. It wasn’t too much of a struggle to get what she was seeing, what was now considered dangerous, or understand the kind of skills are beneficial in a world like this. To that extent I would say that they stayed true to her character. I do remember Sora being resourceful, which at the end of the day made it best that she was one of the first to step into the Digital World. Not to mention being paired with someone like Tai who would probably wing a lot of things without the right person tagging along.

With that said, when it came to that first episode? After being dropped into the Digital world, it was from there that they were set to wander the world aimlessly. Though these days, that just doesn’t cut it. It was smart that there was a reason for being there. It may not be the grand plot to save the Digital World, but just knowing that there was a point A and a point B was something to give credit to. That is something they can still work up to, while also creating legitimate objectives to give you something to look forward to.

Something else worth noting is how they have gone about creating options to where these DigiDestined can go. I didn’t think they would really be bold enough to create that divide between the being able to travel to the Net, and to the Digital World. There wasn’t too much from this, or a true reason for why Koshiro was sent there instead this week, but it was just good to know that even this was something we had to look forward to that is different.

Other small things stood out too. Once more we saw the Digivice being used as a means of communication. This is a new development for the 2020 series, and I welcome it fully. When you are holding something in your hand that connects you to the net? The expectation is that it is supposed to have some practical features. Right now, communication is a big deal for them to be able to now take advantage of. Especially knowing that some could drop in the physical Digital World, while others can drop in what looks more like the net. The other was how different their first battles went in the Digital World. This impressed be because they again wasted little time with a lot of the running around that you thought they would do before being able to fight back. This right here matters a lot in this reboot. Do they take something away from what is usually earned? Maybe, but there was always a point where you would feel like they were milking episodes for the sake of a Digimon getting some growth.

That aside, I do hope that with next week’s episode they bump up the urgency considering they have 72 hours to fix the power outage that Tokyo is experiencing. Just knowing Tokyo’s urban functions will grind to a complete halt should be more than enough of a kick to get the job done without experiencing too many distractions.

Through the return of Digimon Adventure, “Birdramon Soars” did not disappoint in an endearing introduction to Sora and Piyomon. Not to mention setting the tone for what we should expect from the early experiences of these DigiDestined in the Digital World. Now as someone who is a big fan of Koshiro and Tentomon, next week’s episode is going to be one to look forward to following their solo adventure in the Net.

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