Gleipnir Season Finale “We Two Are One” Review

***Minor Spoiler Review***

What’s up everyone! Welcome to Beyond The Panel. Coming at you today with talk about Gleipnir!It hits hard when a story like this is getting so good, and then just like that you are hit with the reality that you are now sitting on the season finale. Not only that, but there is no guarantee that the story will even continue afterwards. I remember when this series first debuted, there were definitely those who were not feeling this one. Though for me? I thought Gleipnir has been a thrill. Maybe some had high expectations, or maybe some have yet to understand how diluted most stories and plots are for anime. However, if you were able to see this for what it was, there was something worth investing in.

With the conclusion of last week’s episode, much of that investment you would have found in this game played, which many have not been aware of. They jumped right into how different things are going to be moving forward. Not only for the fact that Shuichi is finding himself deeply tangled in something he was supposed to be distant from, but for the fact that we now understand what is at stake for someone like Elena in the game she and the others are playing. The thought of someone being so dangerous that they might end the world sounds pretty outlandish at first. Though when you consider how powerful the person must already be to have one-hundred coins and know what they plan to do with them? That changes things big time. This week was our time to also grasp this from Elena’s perspective. Speaking of Elena in particular, her role in this episode actually stirred up some new questions in the process. For everything we already knew about this group’s past, there were still some things they had not addressed concerning what has made it possible to still have this much time to save the world.

That said, this brings us to Shuichi. This was also a huge episode for the quickness they took towards making the gaps in his memory a priority. There was no better time than now for both Shuichi and Clair to begin asking the right questions about what was done to him. The build-up to that revelation was chilling. I mean everyone knows at this point that Elena did something to his memories, though it was the extent which was shocking. Your reaction would have been the same as Clair’s after realizing there was a great many things not right about the life he lived. We walked away from this episode with a greater understanding as to why we never stepped into his house before, why we never met his parents, and why it always seemed like there was some force keeping Shuichi from thinking about things which concern his personal life.

What took me by surprise was how there was actually a fight to look forward to. It was not the kind you were expecting either. While action was not necessary, I did enjoy that one more time they treated us to the stunning visuals of this series. As I have said since the first episode, the fight choreography is smooth, the hits connect with impact, and the color effects bring it all together adding a sense of doom and gloom to every encounter. Particularly when it comes to the darker and cold colors too. I don’t think I ever truly touched upon this before, but this animation has been mind-blowing for the nightmarish atmosphere they are able to create when things get intense.

Aside from this, I did appreciate that they didn’t end things without bringing a proper conclusion to the relationship between Shuichi, Clair, and what was once their allies. I think we all knew how that was going to end, but I think it was how they handled it which mattered much more. It’s not hard to think that after what they have witnessed from Shuichi and Clair, that they would consider the worst case scenario with them as well. Just knowing that there is someone out there already with one-hundred coins changes the game for them. I couldn’t argue with where they found themselves when all was said and done.

By the end of the season finale for Gleipnir, I was satisfied with the note they left us on. Did I want more? Obviously, but if you were to ask me if they left us with a reason to come back for more? I would say that they succeeded in that. Honestly, it would be a crime not to allow this story to continue. We went through a lot of content in just one season, but it still felt like we were only scraping the surface of what Gleipnir has to offer.

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