Review: Nailbiter: Returns #2

What’s up everyone! Welcome to Beyond The Panel. Coming at you today with talk about the debut of Nailbiter: Returns #2! Just like this creative team that they would still have no chill with this continuation of Nailbiter. As I said before, nothing is more dangerous than a copycat(s) who wants to make a statement. And they made one heck of a statement already when Crane has disappeared, and we are all forced to consider the worst case scenario. Did they kill her? Convert her? You would really want to know since we never even got the chance to properly catch up with her since the end of what we first thought was it for this series.

Now while you want some answers there, the thing which scares you most is the fact that all of these new serial killers are now on the loose and racking up a body count. Credit where it is due. They got me with that first scene. It’s so easy to forget the kind of book this is, and they made sure to remind us at the very start. In fact, they made sure to make the statement that this was different from the first problem this town had to deal with. Those murders were planned. They were all a part of something bigger that was unfolding. It may be too early to say the same here, but it was hard to deny the thought that this was all killing for the sake of it. To send a message to their victims, to the town, that there is still something to fear for everyone. Even when you think you are safe in your own home.

Then again, it was also easy to make everything look one way, when it was really something else entirely. That was always part of Nailbiter’s charm. You never did yourself many favors trying to piece things together in definites. Just when you thought you knew what was going on, it took nothing at all to find out how wrong you really were. In the case of what unfolded in this issue? Even I found myself wrong in what I assumed from that first scene, but when it comes to a story like this, it didn’t hurt to be wrong either. Something big is unraveling, and it seems like it is a problem which draws upon the old age, and the new age of serial killers.

With that said, the other main draw-in for this issue was discovering what Warren has been up to since he was once thought dead before. It was a worthwhile scene we were treated to where we came to understand how he was caught by Finch, what his day-to-day was like locked up, and why it was important that Alice knew he was down there. Now though some questions were answered, there was still a couple which were left up in the air. Not a problem to me, because you have to appreciate a story that doesn’t give you everything you want or need to know at once.

The interior work for this issue was excitable. When it comes to a horror book, the visual work matters. I would say that this art team nailed it in this second issue in particular. For example, let’s take that opening scene. For everything that that may have made you jump or question what happened in those moments, it was the artwork which created that atmosphere for you. Not knowing what happened to those supposedly unsuspecting people or even where the killers came from was the perfect way to handle the scene. Overall, it makes a big difference where you decide to cut a scene, and how you transition into the next. From there, you have to enjoy the work put into the characters themselves. The expressions, the body language, all of it matters when it comes down to selling you on what is happening to them. That or convincing you of what they are going through. Like say Warren who you would have assumed had to have suffered a bit being locked in yet another cage. Aside from that, the scenes of horror stuck with you because this art team knows how to create a murder. These killers do exactly what you expect from them. They leave a bloodbath, along with something that is always hard for you to accept that someone would do to another person.

If you may have somehow still found yourself on the fence about Naibiter continuing? Nailbiter: Returns #2 reminds you that a story like this knows no end when the madness of serial killers is like a fire you can’t extinguish.

Nailbiter: Returns #2




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