Doom Patrol “Sex Patrol” Review

What’s up everyone! Welcome to Beyond The Panel. Coming at you today with talk about Doom Patrol “Sex Patrol”! I have to say, I’m grateful that they decided to kick off season two of Doom Patrol with the first three episodes. Those three episodes left us with more than enough reason to look forward to what this season has to offer. Unlike some of the other DC Universe shows, this one right here? Is A LOT to unpack. Especially considering the way that the first season ended. Trust is wavering, and these misfits still have a long way to go in order to fix themselves. Some of them are going to take way more work than the others too.

What can I say about this episode? This one right here proved why there is nothing like Doom Patrol on TV. When the focus of the story shifted to Danny the Brick? You knew what we were in store for this week. The return of the Dannyzens was inevitable, and it was also welcomed. I was glad to see some familiar faces, on top of many new faces too. They were quick to making an entrance, and from there jumping right into the party. With that said, this could have easily just been another episode involving Danny where it was all about the party and everything inbetween. However, I appreciated that there was much more to take from this experience. Given the month, and what is also going on in the real world? There was no better time for an episode like this. One which held a self-awareness to the world we live in. This was a fun episode, but they knew when to get real when it came down to fixing Danny.

I mean, the dialogue from Maura Lee Karupt alone was brilliant. Saying the very things that we all needed to hear right now. Speaking of the importance in having pride as someone who is trans, and the fear in being trans in a world where tolerance is something we are stilling fighting for. There was no stone left unturned making a statement that we are all in this together as people who are different from one another. It takes boldness to also get into this kind of storytelling when there are still those close-minded who will tell you this is all too “political”. More should take a page from Doom Patrol’s book to toss caution to the wind.

That said, this brings me to Dorothy who stood out for her interactions with the Dannyzens. This week’s episode amazed me when it came to the writing for Dorothy. I will admit that when this season began, I was not entirely feeling the role that she was playing in this. She was just that kid who seemed like she was just going to be in the way. Though it didn’t take long to see that there was much more to appreciate about her than what we were simply seeing on the surface. Ever since Dorothy’s release from the dollhouse, we have gotten nothing short of a refreshing experience from her. Among all of these broken and damaged adults, she is the one who created a genuine sense of wonder to the craziness they deal with. You look at her, and all you see is a naive kid. Yet this episode finally gets down to the real problem. That being the fact that she gives the impression of being a kid because that is all she is allowed to be. I would call this a coming of age story for her when the only way to grow is to actually expose yourself to everything a person should be able to see and process for themselves.

Now along with the Dannyzens came Flex Mentallo. This guy I was glad to see again. Whenever Flex Mentallo pops up, you tend to be in for a good time because he isn’t plagued with the same kind of problems as the rest of them. He is the guy you turn to when you need help, because he has the kind of power that can get you out of a tough spot. This week however shook things up because this was an occasion where his power put them in a tricky situation. When you think about dangerously racy consequences from helping Rita unleash her full potential, the last thing that comes to mind is a situation involving sex. It was awkward, it was funny, it was everything you expect from Doom Patrol. Switching things up to Rita, it only made sense that she would turn to the one person who had full mastery over their own body. Her interactions with him as well were charming. She didn’t know what this request from him would do in the longrun, but it was humorous watching her get what she wanted out of him with little resistance. To find out what was holding her back was heartbreaking. You knew it had to be something which hit close to home for her, yet you couldn’t have imagined a revelation so simple, but damaging all the same.

What did take me by surprise was the direction taken with Jane and the Underground. One would have expected this would be the episode where she finally began to break away from the group to do what the other personalities wanted. Though of course that would have been easier said than done. Time was spent well this episode to present Jane with the opportunity to show the others what it means to fight for Kay. It’s never as simple as just ignoring the rest of the world and focusing only on what protects her. How they went about this truth was brilliant for the experiences some of the personalities had to have to reach it.

Aside from that, everyone else went through something as they took the next step forward in doing what was best for them. There’s never a point in an episode of Doom Patrol at this point if these characters are not out there looking for the best version of themselves. Some of them needed to relax a bit, some of them needed to lend an ear to someone who had a different perspective towards their problems, some of them needed to re-access what they were doing to get better. Through the fun and chaos, character development managed to shine through.

All in all, Doom Patrol continues to stand out as one of the best shows out there this summer, and probably this year too. People will tell you that many comic book shows are the same, and they would be dead wrong if they hadn’t seen Doom Patrol before making such claims.

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