Fire Force Season Two Premiere “Fight Between Fire Soldiers” Review

What’s up everyone! Welcome to Beyond The Panel. Coming at you today with talk about the Fire Force Season Two Premiere “Fight Between Fire Soldiers”! First off, I’m going to start by saying that I am over the moon excited that we get to continue the anime of Fire Force. For as much as the first season left me wanting more? It was really up in the air as to whether or not a second season was going to be possible. It would have sucked if we couldn’t see what happened next because it wasn’t popular enough. The story was original enough, the animation was impressive, and the pacing was commendable for the speed it picked up by the finale.

Now as the premiere for season two, I didn’t mind how they kicked things off. It did feel like a long wait between November and now. When you have seen enough series within that span of time, it is easy to forget everything which occurred up to that point. So I appreciated that they decided to use the first episode as a means of easing us back into the story and plot. This is of course not to say that there will be those who find a problem with the first episode being filler, but there are more than enough series out there who will do that. In the case of Fire Force, it actually felt fitting considering the experience they not too long ago survived. To think that the next thing wouldn’t be seeing what they do on a day off would have made little sense. We all want to jump from one thing into the next, though sometimes that is the easiest way to miss out on wholesome storytelling which better connects you with the characters.

For Shinra in particular, it didn’t hurt having a day off to better reflect on what’s in front of him. He knows what happened to his family, he for the most part is aware of the people who are manipulating his brother, and he knows the kind of power he will need to further tap into in order to stand a chance against them. However, that is not all that Shinra needed to know, because if that was it? He would be like every other main character who so quickly gets consumed by their personal missions. This episode was that time for him to also realize what he still had, instead of focusing on what he had lost, or what he is trying to get back.

With that said, there was one thing we did have to look forward to, and that was a bit of trouble since having an day off as a Fire Soldier should come with being easier said than done. I was thrilled by the action which unfolded because it reminded us exactly what we were missing all of this time. What we were missing was the new dynamic that this growing company now has, not to mention the power they have now achieved through training and upgrades. As I said above, the animation was on point too. Still the same phenomenal work that we got from the first season. It made a big difference that they got creative with this Infernal they faced too. It was huge, powerful, and unlike any have seen before. Now at the same time, I welcomed the approach they took towards reintroducing us to Company 8 during their battle. It was worth it to give everyone a role to play in the action and remind us what makes each one of them special. Well, almost everyone. Personally I still have a problem with the value given to sisters. Yeah, you say a little prayer to give importance to what they do, which in turn separates their actions from simply killing/destroying. Though is it really necessary? Does it really add something to the story? I’m still not convinced.

That just brings us to what surprisingly made this episode entertaining. I was not expecting that there would be a thing where they compete in seeing which company can pull off a better photoshoot for a calendar. Not at all the “Fight Between Fire Soldiers” you thought they meant, but also better than the alternative. They could have easily meant that more of their own were a problem, but that could have been pretty lazy at the start of a new season.

Oh, and I shouldn’t forget either that the new OP wasn’t bad either. Still I would say that the very first will be hard to compete with, but this one was memorable for the tone the music carried.

Overall, it is good to have Fire Force back for a season two. It wasn’t the season premiere you may have hoped for if you wanted them to jump back into the thick of it. Though it was the kind of episode you needed regardless, because a great story finds room to remind you that the characters you’re investing in are human. You get the good with the bad.

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