Digimon Adventure “Holy Digimon” Review

What’s up everyone! Welcome to Beyond The Panel. Coming at you today with talk about Digimon Adventure “Holy Digimon”! With each passing week I find myself more interested in what this reboot of Digimon has to offer. I know that there are still some things to get used to, but there’s so much more to appreciate that is refreshing. These past four episodes have already proven that they are willing to focus more on character development that was lost before when they tried to juggle too many things going on at the same time. It didn’t hurt getting proper introductions for any of these Digimon and their partners.

The one thing I looked forward to most about this episode was how little time they wasted trying to create the big mission for the DigiDestined. If I remember correctly, it took some time for them to finally get why they were there before. This time around, they were quick to get to a point where someone could explain their purpose in the Digital World. Of course not everything was just given to them, because you want real progress to be earned, but this is a big step up from bracing yourself for a lot of aimless wandering. You can send them off on their adventure without them running into one enemy after the next for no reason. The story they were told in the Temple was perfect for the fact that it gave everyone a reason to invest in this adventure too. Taichi and Sora quickly came to understand why these occurrences are affecting their world, and the Digimon were hit with a wave of nostalgia which adds to their importance in the bigger picture. Obviously these were all things we already knew, but it mattered more that everyone was moving forward on the same page.

Now as someone who is a big fan of Koshiro and Tentomon, this week’s episode was going to be one to look forward to following their solo adventure in the Network. Just like the others, Koshiro was right where he needed to be to finally meet Tentomon and be the guy who is able to figure out what’s going on the other side. So far I would say just the dynamic between these two is my favorite. There are some partners who just click, and these two are such partners. They compliment each other as two individuals who work best with information, and Tentomon in particular compliments Kushiro as a partner who understands what he needs. If there’s one thing we know about Koshiro, it’s that he’s lacking in the friend department. Tentomon gives him something he can’t get in the outside world. With that said, it didn’t hurt to continue pushing the benefit of Digivices with more functions either. If communication with them will play such a pivotal role in their adventures, they shouldn’t let anyone forget the convenience in everyone keeping informed of developing situations.

On both ends we were also treated to some action, because there;s no way you can throw in a glimpse of Ogremon and not have him stir up some trouble. The appeal of Ogremon this time around was that he wasn’t the same cliche of what you expect from an enemy like him. He jumped into action with a plan that was already set in motion to deal with the DigiDestined. The Digimon he had at his command were challenging, and like last week we were exposed to another Digimon in particular that we never saw in the anime. Though like I was saying, the action did not disappoint this week because they got back to some of the things which this reboot does better. That being a combination of more physical combat, and uses of attacks which hit with variations. It mattered that Agumon could go from a single shot blast, to a whole stream of fire. The same as it mattered seeing Birdramon go from firing multiple balls of fire, to being able to launch herself at an enemy while encased in flames. That’s better than doing the same thing over and over. Not to mention having to say the name of your attack every time.

One thing I didn’t get to talk about last week that I should rectify, is the visual appeal of the evolutions. Between the first episode and these last couple episodes, the animation changed, though certainly for the best. I liked the way that they added to the spectacle of it. They didn’t just cut from one form to the next when it came to changing into Champion forms. There was real changes and progression whether it was Agumon growing into a bigger dinosaur, or Tentomon picking up extra limbs when turning into Kabuterimon.

By the end of the episode, I didn’t mind being wrong about my assumption of who is and isn’t there already in the Digital World. In fact, this discovery only added to the differences that I would call positive. They are still off to a better start reintroducing us to these characters and cutting through a lot of what was dragging about their acclimation into the Digital World. So when we get around to those like Mimi and Palmon, there would be much more focus placed on their bond than just focusing on the panic we know Mimi would experience being away from her life of luxury.

All in all, things got heated in Digimon Adventure “Holy Digimon”, and we walked away with the DigiDestined set on a path to follow. Which again is better than running around like chicken with their heads cut off, as they did in the original run.

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