Black Clover “The Lion Awakens, Continued” Review

What’s up everyone! Welcome to Beyond The Panel. Coming at you today with talk about Black Clover episode 133, “The Lion Awakens, Continued”! Like many others, I was excited when they finally announced the return of Black Clover. As I said previously, this may be filler territory we are stepping into in Black Clover, but credit where it is due that this creative team knows how to give you filler without making you feel like they’re wasting your time. This is a period of growth for many characters, and right now there is no better way to improve for many of these knights than to push their limits in the depths of a volcano.

The other great thing about picking up with an arc like this is that there isn’t the same concern that you might have for other series which are probably further into the thick of their plots. Everything about this story has been straightforward as they took us back to Ultime-Volcano Mountain Trail with a nice little twist. It was even cool that this time around they decided to have this co-lead between Mereoleona and Fuegoleon.

With that said, I enjoyed the simple fact that this was another dungeon run we got to experience with these characters. Unlike the last time, I would call this dungeon experience entertaining too. This is not to say that the stakes were not important, but there was other layers to this than just completing the mission. These guys were also using this as a kind of competition on top of it being training. Competition brings out something different in everyone. Even someone like Noelle who consistently impresses you because she is now a farcry from the girl who once was easily overwhelmed by the difficulty in casting. Overall, it was interesting seeing how everyone was quickly seeing the difference in their power from only getting a better handle of using Mana Skin.

Which brings us to the star of the story which just so happens to be Leo. It  really wasn’t until this episode that you really got why this was titled “The Lion Awakens”. There was no better time for them to focus on Leo than now. As a character who also considers Asta a rival, it was only a matter of time before he started on his path towards catching up. We got glimpses here and there of his potential to be better, but it wasn’t until now that you could actually see that take form. I mean, what other way is there for a fire user to break through their barrier than to stew in an environment engulfed with that elemental power? The challenge he faced was fitting, and the position he was thrown in was perfect for creating the foundation to level up. When you have seen what Mereoleona and Fuegoleon are capable of at their levels, it does make you wonder what we should look forward to from Leo as he continued to climb. What this new spell turned out to be was a cool product of his training. It made sense that given what he can do, his spells focus on his power being expelled, rather than condensed like his siblings.

By the end of the mission, they did not fail to stir up some lasting humor from this. I know there are some who might think that this is a time for them to be taking things seriously, but this wouldn’t be Black Clover if they didn’t get into some shenanigans here and there. No one expected a mission, and neither did they expect how the mission would end.

All in all, it is great to have Black Clover back with “The Lion Awakens, Continued”. This story right here sets the tone for everything else that we should look forward to from these six months of training and improvement. We should look forward to everyone coming out of this stronger than they were before, but we should also look forward to no stone left unturned to see that process for ourselves.

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