Review: Dr. Strange – Surgeon Supreme #5

What’s up everyone! Welcome to Beyond The Panel. Coming at you today with talk about Dr. Strange – Surgeon Supreme #5! While we may not see too much of Dr. Strange in Strange Academy, that is what makes you appreciate a book like Dr. Strange – Surgeon Supreme. You get your Dr. Strange fix, while also continuing with this struggle for balance in his new life. Who really would have thought that fixing his hands would change so much? Now able to be a doctor again, though at the cost of having to retrain his body to perform magic at the level he once could before.

If there was one thing this issue really did right foremost, it was prioritize the problem that is Strange’s forge being broken into. It was a slowcrawl for him to realize this, but when that moment of realization hit? There was no reason for anything else to take his attention but finding out what happened that someone was actually able to get access to it. If he didn’t know how, then there was only one other way in. The first scene was all about him acting on what that means. I didn’t mind that there was even some action in order to get the answer he was looking for. You would have thought that the Wrecker was the worst case scenario considering the power he was packing in his enchanted weapon, but they quickly made a statement that it can always be worse, and it was. The things this thief can create are dangerous. Not just for whose hands they are put in, but for what they can do too. Overall, I could not argue with the focus they placed on this one thing.

Now with that said, this also could have been very straightforward, but where would the fun be in that? I welcomed the idea that what you assumed was simple thievery, was actually something much bigger in scale unfolding. Where above I mention this destination which confirmed what he thought was true, what came after was the true shock. What’s done is done, but not what you still have to fear. It didn’t hurt to also throw Dr. Druid into the mix. With so much unknown about this situation, his involvement only adds to the mystery. We don’t know what to really think of him aside from what we see on the surface. Strange doesn’t know what to think of him either. He just knows he doesn’t trust how close he is to him.

From there, we have their mission going undercover to discover this magical black-market arms dealing ring. It was an interesting development because of where this led us, and so soon. I personally thought they were going to drag out this mystery. Maybe at least for another arc, but there is also something to appreciate having creative teams who know to get to the point when they can.

Beyond that, they continued with how this investigation creates more problems for Strange and the balance he has tried to create with being a doctor. It was a short scene, but nonetheless something we always need to see with consistency. One part of his life is never going to matter more than the other, because one way or another he is going to find himself neglecting something important.

Once more I enjoyed the work from this art team. They were perfect for a book like this because they know how to make things lively. The good doctor has a lot of things going on right now, and it benefits having artists onboard who know how to visualize that busy world of his. Kev Walker in particular is just such a good penciler because he can be both creative and detailed in what he brings to life within these pages. It helps that for someone like him he is that good with his pencils strokes too. He makes great use of them to accomplish a lot between engagement from the characters, or giving depth to them. That aside, we should also talk about the colors from Java Tartaglia. There’s something that really takes your attention when you see Strange or other powerful foes coming to blows. It’s always a real power struggle that’s right in your face. The colors pop, and they also set the right atmosphere through lighting and highlights.

There was a lot of takeaway from this issue of Dr. Strange – Surgeon Supreme, by the end. They packed a lot of discoveries and revelations into this issue, and I for one was satisfied with who the mastermind turned out to be. It was one of those things where you may find yourself wondering why you didn’t think of said person orchestrating this chaos, but it worked because anyone would have assumed this was a strictly magic problem.

Dr. Strange - Surgeon Supreme #5




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