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What’s up everyone! Welcome to Beyond The Panel. Coming at you today with talk about Quantum & Woody #4! With the release of this issue we are at the end of the road for this new story for the world’s worst superheroes. Since the first issue I have been looking forward to what this finale had in store for us. Not only because the thrill of chaos we have indulged in each issue, but because we know that much of this mission gifted by foresight, is a load of bull. All concocted by Woody himself! Of course you are going to want to know how far he is going to be able to take this, and what’s going to happen when Quantum discovers the truth to this betrayal of trust.

Before we got around to the truth, there was an awesome discovery that we were met with first. If there was one thing that I appreciated most about this book, it was the fact that someone was trying to take Quantum seriously. I get the the fun in the series tends to be the fact that someone lazy and unmotivated like Woody can get by simply having most opportunities fall into his lap. It only took a couple issues and he already found a new way to disperse energy from his body. For everything that Quantum was already capable of doing with his powers, it always felt like there should have been greater limits for him to push. There was no better time than this issue to challenge what was possible for him then, and what is possible for him now with effort put into strengthening his powers. This new development was clever, though not without some struggles for him to overcome. As we could see in the cover, somehow something Quantum does also removed the band from his arm.

This brings us to the reveal of Woody’s secret. I wouldn’t call it a dark secret, because for the most part we already knew what his secret was, but it was definitely one that you would call selfish for the way it has been used to manipulate Quantum. How he found out felt right since there aren’t many scenarios where you would expect him to be upfront and come clean about what he has been doing. I mean, even now I’m still flabbergasted as to why Woody would be the one anyone turns to with important information to share. If there was one disappointment, it was with the fact that the consequence of this series of lies and manipulations didn’t come with a greater severity. To Woody in particular.

Now where things really get interesting is the revelation of these would-be bandits who the boys are left to defend their lair against. We obviously knew who these guys were, and they surely were not bandits. They were pretty much the only people who had it out for the duo and were making progress towards them getting their comeuppance. Still, knowing who was coming for them didn’t change the execution of that moment, which mattered most. Considering everything else that they were already going through, with an extra surprise dropped on their lap inbetween, this created a pretty wild action scene.

With that said, that leaves us with the interior work for this finale. If there’s one thing you can’t take from this book? It is the quality work that we got from this art team from start to finish. The characters have to sell you on the humor, and I would say that this art team nailed that. Ryan Browne in particular I would say was perfect for this book as penciler too. This kind of story is just right up his alley. His work with characters is expressive. He gets what humor needs to be conveyed through their actions, and through their facial expressions. Aside from that, credit where it is due for the effort he puts into setting a scene. The does a lot within any given scene or panel without cutting corners. Personally I admire artists who go that distance to also give you fully rendered backgrounds too. Aside from that, Ruth Redmond’s colors also stood out for the way that everything popped. The colors were both bold and explosive between the action and discovery of Quantum’s new power. This includes Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou’s lettering too. Those changes in font size and color make a big difference in setting the tone for a scene. One which involves a lot of yelling, confusion, and sound plenty of sound effects. The various color changes to the fonts didn’t hurt either. Everything worked towards creating more engagement from the characters.

Through the conclusion of Quantum & Woody #4, we have reached the end of yet another chapter in the lives of Eric and Woody Henderson. It was a worthwhile experience for everything you knew you had to brace yourself for, and everything else which was new and exciting. This is the kind of book where you toss your expectations out the window and enjoy the ride.

Quantum & Woody #4




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