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What’s up everyone! Welcome to Beyond The Panel. Coming at you today with talk about The Terrifics #28! Only with a book like The Terrifics does something so simple turn into something else entirely. What should have just been saving Stagg from another problem he created, turned into him dying, and a number of other developments along the way. I looked forward to this issue because when the dust settles from this? There are things to address when there’s no way to dodge the conversation this will stir up. Questions about secrets, matters of blame, issues with choices.

The thing is, I had hoped that this issue would make room for all of that, because that was a lot which was dropped on our laps through just two issues. So imagine my disappointment when I flip open to this first page to see that this was not really going to be the case. They pretty much jumped from that straight into something new. This is not to say that they completely ignored everything that just happened, but it was clear that the priority was setting up the next big thing. Normally this is something you expect when there is a change in creative team. However, this was the same creative team entirely. Which made it a bit strange to me that there was this lack in consistency to the progression of the story. Now if I’m being fair, they did touch upon some thing which couldn’t be overlooked, starting with the pessimism of Silas Stone. Maybe we didn’t get around to the trouble he almost caused in the previous story, but at least they didn’t pull back completely from the troublesome perspective he takes towards everything Mr. Terrific does.

That said, there was still some things to appreciate about this new story. With that problem Stagg created dealt with, now Mr. Terrific was finally able to move forward with this endeavor of his. To see it made reality was quite a sight to behold. It was the culmination of everything that he has been trying to do for the world around him. This is the kind of thing I like to see from this book because it it gets down to the wonders of science. Exploring the strange and extraordinary is one thing, but you never want that to overshadow the things a team like this, or even the T-Council could accomplish trying to improve the world. Starting with the life of those who live in Gateway City of course.

This wouldn’t be the start of something new if they didn’t at the same time stir the pot. There was no better way to do this than to introduce Stagg’s successor. This development took me by surprise, because this wasn’t someone you knew existed till now. Made one heck of an entrance too, considering this is actually someone twisted enough to allow Parasite of all villains somewhere he never should have been. It was interesting that they have decided to switch one monster for another.

When all is said and done, I did welcome the the fact that the same art team carried on to this next chapter. If anything concerns you about a book like The Terrifics, it is that you could have one art team for a couple issues, and then a whole new one for the next. Sometimes this can take you out of the story if the difference in style is too great. Considering the quality of work from this art team, it mattered that they would still be around for what comes next. Especially since this chapter demanded some quality work from them. I was taken back by every scene which captured the complexity of Mr. Terrifics ideas given form from the outside of the center to everything within. Aside from that, other things did stand out too. Such things as the character expressiveness, the fluidity of the action scene, let’s not forget the exciting use of perspective throughout most of the issue.

Some problems just can’t be fixed with science, though how easy of a life these guys would live if it did? Trouble once again came with the Stagg name, and it was hard to ignore the problem that comes with scientists who follow different codes of ethics. The Terrifics #28 succeeded in setting the stage for much more that this team will have to deal with. Even if there was some other things they should have addressed from the previous arc first.

The Terrifics #28




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