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What’s up everyone! Welcome to Beyond The Panel. Coming at you today with talk about X-Force #10! It stung that we had just started a new story arc, but only to have this long break between then and now. Regardless, it’s the start of July, and now our X-Books are hitting shelves again. Which means we can now jump back into this Dawn of X where X-Force is not what it once was. It’s a repurposed team, yet even at this point in the series there is still questions about the direction of this team, because what lines would you cross to ensure these enemies old and new fail in their desire to tear down this new mutant paradise?

Now this issue picks up right where the last one left off, so if it has been that long for you between the previous issue and this one, you might find yourself needing a bit of a refresher. Nothing that they could have controlled, but it is what it is. That is why for these X-Books it is appreciated that they tend to give you summaries for what happened previously.

With that said, what I liked about the opener for this issue was the conversation they started with. When this story arc kicked off, we were just moving away from some of the trauma that both Domino and Colossus were getting through. However, they didn’t fully close out that chapter in their lives. For Domino specifically because you don’t just get rid of those memories without stirring some concern from the right party. For someone who isn’t new to X-Force, what Domino experienced was very new. So it made sense that someone as seasoned as her would step up and have some words with her about what can go wrong with burying trauma like that. This was a short scene, but still one that grabbed your attention for the character depth and engagement you never expected to get from a book like X-Force.

After that, the pacing is something which hits you pretty fast. With a situation like this, you expect that crap will hit the fan quickly, and they did not disappoint there. On one hand you have the field team getting more than what they bargained for, and on the other hand you have Beast who is struggles with his secrets unraveling. Though let’s start with the field team, because that was quite the catastrophe they got themselves in. You would think that a team like this might be able to handle some plants, and this creative team made sure we understood just how dangerous this Telefloronics is. I mean, let’s talk about even Black Tom’s involvement in this. You probably had your expectations from the one guy who actually communicates with plants, and even then things would have been too simple if he could just walk in and put an end to things on his own. Like the other issues of X-Force, they did not let us down reminding us of the dangers that come with being a part of this team. You get hurt, people get hurt, it’s just a lot of getting your hands dirty.

This just leaves us with the big takeaway from this issue, and that was the further exploration of what X-Force means right now. This was an intense conversation between Beast and Jean since these two are the last mutants you would expect to get sucked into this world. Beast had already come to terms with the hard calls you have to make, but right now was Jean’s turn to find that acceptance.

The interior work from this art team was impressive. X-Force has one of the more distinctive art styles to it, and so far I find it fitting because this art team knows how to go to that dark place, and they accomplish this while also still showing you a beautiful world. What I mean by this is, you see this situation with the Telefloronics. Visually it’s a scary thing when you see the way they can easily outnumber you, the things they can do to your body once they get inside, and yet you would be in awe because there’s still a natural beauty to it. I would say that the colors from Guru-eFX play a big part in that too. The organic pallete, the range of the colors, even the variety of them. I was shocked that I could see someone spewing flowers out of their mouths and be unsure of if I was supposed to feel sick looking at it, or amazed by the diversity of plants.

We’re back with X-Force, and this issue was worth the wait for the conversation that these mutants were not ready to have about their choices, and their responsibility as part of this team.

X-Force #10




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