Doom Patrol “Finger Patrol” Review

What’s up everyone! Welcome to Beyond The Panel. Coming at you today with talk about Doom Patrol “Finger Patrol”! You couldn’t ask for a more genuine comic book show right now than Doom Patrol. Some will tell you that they have grown fatigued with them, but they will not lift a finger to give a show like this a chance. One which takes everything strange yet extraordinary about the comic book world, and serves it to you on a silver platter. You get the action, you get the entertainment value, but none of that comes without some endearment too. In the case of Doom Patrol, that also means getting real in the realm of personal development.

Considering Cliff spent most of last week’s episode artificially high, it was great that this week he was given a new direction to turn to. He already screwed up with his daughter, and there’s only so long he can spend trying to get revenge on Niles. So it wasn’t hard to accept that he could go through something different this time around. I mean, how long does someone like Cliff go on without asking what can be done to better his living conditions? When you have someone as sophisticated in tech like Vic, it would only be a matter of time before Cliff questioned why the same could be done for him. Of course this was going to be easier said than done, but we all know Cliff doesn’t do patience. Where this took him with Vic was unexpected, but put Cliff right where he needed to be in order to hear what he wasn’t ready for. That being the truth to what was done to him the minute Niles decided that this scrap metal of a body was the best option to save his life. That aside, I’m glad they decided to still have some fun with Cliff along the way. The idea of him being a superhero was gold for what image came to his head.

Speaking of Vic, I still think that trying to find a love interest for him came out of the blue this season, but it is hard to deny what we have gotten out of this so far. Vic is already comfortable with who he is, but one has to question what someone like him can do for someone else who struggles with who they are and what they look like. Roni represents everything that used to be a problem for Vic. He wasn’t comfortable with how he looked, how other people looked at him, he even had to get over something that he blamed himself for. That is all Roni right now, and it was moving to see what it is like for people like them to find one another and find a bit more acceptance in their situations.

Just when you thought the heartbreak couldn’t hit you worse, then came Larry confronting what is left of his family. I think we all knew that this wasn’t going to end well for the guy, but that still didn’t save you from the hurt of how this meet turned out. Credit where it is due for how this played out. Everything was so endearing. He met his son, and he met his other grandkids. There was even some moments shared which did exactly what they said it would, help him understand more about the life he left behind. However,Larry is not the guy who gets the happy ending in a story like this. How things fell apart for him was tragic. I couldn’t believe they went there, but at the same time I could understand why they would. There’s not much that Larry can do at this point that would make what he put his family through forgettable. Now to bring Rita along for this wasn’t a bad idea either. This was a time for family issues, and it benefited both of them to see how toxic things can get when there are things left unresolved for family.

Now there was part of me that wanted to say that things were a bit predictable between Dorothy and Baby Doll. Though that would have meant saying that I was prepared for exactly how things would fall apart between the two. Not only that, but knowing how things were going to end between them as well. It was just a recipe for disaster from the very start because on one hand you have Dorothy who right now is growing up, but then on the other hand you have Baby Doll who doesn’t grow up. That’s a problematic combination put together, and one person was a given to get on the wrong side of the other. So with that said, when things went awry, that was when the atmosphere shifted drastically. Baby Doll did some things which seemed out of character for her, and Dorothy did the same. Neither side walked away from this the same, and I definitely want to see how things change for them moving forward.

Just when you thought some of them couldn’t hit their lowest, Doom Patrol “Finger Patrol” told you to wait for it. This is why I always say that comic book shows have so much potential when the writers think outside the box. The capes and powers are cool, but it is nothing if the characters themselves don’t pull you in. These guys are a mess, and every episode the opportunity is taken to show that you don’t fix this over night.

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