Digimon Adventure “The Targeted Kingdom” Review

What’s up everyone! Welcome to Beyond The Panel. Coming at you today with talk about Digimon Adventure “The Targeted Kingdom”! After the glimpse we got of Mimi in last week’s episode, it didn’t take much to guess where they were going with this “Targeted Kingdom”. Knowing what we once knew about Mimi, it was anyone’s guess as to how this first encounter with the rich girl would go. Will it be more of the same? Or will they treat us to a fresh new take? That’s what we’re here to find out!

From the start of this episode they jumped right into this introduction to Mimi, and what makes her entry into the Digital World so different from everyone else’s. If I’m being honest, I didn’t know what I was going to think about this episode. I couldn’t say that Mimi was ever one of my favorite characters. Well, this version of her that is. If I remember correctly, she took a long time to get to a point where she got her head out of her own butt to worry about someone other than herself. However, this reboot gave them the opportunity to take a different approach to her characterization. She was still the same girl who looks like she comes from money, but she certainly did not act like that. In this episode, they introduced us to a Mimi who was actually worrying about others off the bat. She had a whole group of Digimon to look after, as well as their home and food supply.

It didn’t take much to figure that Ogremon was going to make his move against ‘Mimi’s Kingdom’. It was more of a matter of what he was going to do when he got there, rather than worrying about the target. This time around his plan was more thought out and organized. If there was one thing we knew about Ogremon in the past, it was that he was way too goofy to take seriously. It was important that he made himself believable as a formidable enemy, and they nailed it. We got to see exactly what could go wrong for anyone who runs into him unprepared. Though what comes after, of course is a different story.

Once more this week I was impressed with the new animation for the Digimon. For Piyomon and Agumon it was more of the same this week, but with Palmon we saw something a bit different. I was impressed because we could see how depending on the Digimon, the speed and style can shift. When it came to Palmon, she digivolved faster, and better than that it looked like they had some fun with it too. Palmon tends to have her moments, and it tends to be when she digivolves, so they showed that through the cartoon-ish way she springs into action. Speaking of action, that was another thing which grabbed my attention. To say the action so far has been commendable for the physicality is an understatement when you have seen what Togemon can do in a fight. I loved that they took full advantage of those punching gloves making her more of a brawler. She even had a signature uppercut, and it hit with impact!

This isn’t to say that Greymon and Birdramon don’t get a piece of the action too. They were both excitable too. Their battles could have been very straightforward, but it paid off that there was a real exchange between them and Ogremon’s forces.

That aside, there was no better time than now for them to also address the time difference between the Digital World and the outside world in Tokyo. I had some questions about this given the stronger bridge they are building between both worlds, and the answers we got this week were satisfying. Again they didn’t shy away from showing the importance of the Digivice either. These things are the real difference-makers in this reboot. To have that kind of communication at their fingertips is as 2020 as it gets when bringing a series like this to modern day.

With the conclusion of Digimon Adventure “The Targeted Kingdom”, Mimi obviously has now been added to the team. Which brings us to the next person who you would expect to be Joe. If I were to put money on the thought process of these creatives right now, than I would say that they are more than likely trying to save Matt for last. You know, as the one guy who is going to try to do everything on his own, before realizing that he can’t accomplish too much without numbers on his side.

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