The God of High School “renewal/soul” Review

What’s up everyone! Welcome to Beyond The Panel. Coming at you today with talk about The God of High School “renewal/soul”! So taking all of that into account, did The God of High School meet the hype? It did! I wasn’t expecting them to sell me on one episode, but they pulled it off perfectly. When I got to the end of the episode, I was shattered because I was that into it. If an series has the potential to do that for me in the premiere? It is a automatic winner in my book.

I was a bit taken back by how the preliminaries concluded. We were all ready for this big clash between Jin and Go Gamdo, though what came after was nothing like that you probably had in your mind. That is of course unless you are someone who read the webtoons. As someone who did not? I was taken back by how quickly they cut from that moment to what came next. Was I disappointed? Maybe, but at the same time I couldn’t fault them for jumping into this with a strong sense of pacing. They don’t like to drag things out longer than need be, and this was only just the preliminaries. With that said, what happened to Jin was quite humorous because it was in that moment that we got our first taste of what it looks like to go into a fight without worrying about serious injuries.

Which brings us to the next part of the tournament now that everyone has been put into their brackets. This I also did not mind that they sped through for the most part. Most got through their first fights with ease. You know, getting that one move in which further showcased some of their skills.

That took us straight into the first real fight of the tournament. The one which was not another one-sided fight like the others. This one was Kang Man-Seok versus Go Gamdo. From the minute I saw that they were trying to build-up to this round, I knew this was them trying to make a statement with Gamdo’s involvement. From start to finish they had my attention with this one. The animation was clean, the fighting styles between them were legit too. It was honestly exciting despite knowing exactly how this was going to end. Someone had to be the sacrificial lamb to display the ruthlessness of Gamdo. This was a monster when he started getting serious. His kicks were one thing, his punches were another thing entirely. And let’s not get started on his use of tactics. They weren’t as dirty as they made it sound, but this was not someone who pulled his punches either. It was actually the things he did which were inhumane that shock you. If you thought Gamdo was just some guy that will beat the crap out of you and walk away, then you clearly got the wrong impression of him. This is someone who is ready to walk out of the ring with an arm.

The best takeaway from this episode was coming to understand what kind of fighter Jin is. Last week we got to see the kind of personality and character he had, but this week they decided to show us his character from a fighter’s standpoint. I wasn’t too surprised that he turns out to be the kind of fighter who does reckless things, and simply looks to fight the strongest guy in front of him. Though I was surprised to see the lengths that someone like him would go who also has a strong moral compass as a fighter. If there was one thing which concerns you about the tournament? It is the rules. As I pointed out above, the emphasizing of the rules played a big part in this second episode. They definitely went with the two best characters to make an example out of it. One character of course had to be the one to take the rules too literally. In other words, taking the fight till the other person can’t to heart. Though for Jin, he just had to be the guy to challenge what can happen to someone who does not abide by the rules in general.

That said, it was also welcomed that they took the time to dive into Mira’s story. I admit I was very interested to see what drove her to take part in this tournament. When it comes to that one female lead in a series like this, you want to see that the writer didn’t get lazy. That you aren’t investing in a character that they aren’t proving to have interest in themselves. So fortunately they gave us a reason to believe that this is a character who will go the distance without too much resorting to cliches in anime.

Lastly, there was one thing I did notice that was funny. The animators could have one a lot with the ring design, but I found it funny that they decided to make the sponsors Crunchyroll and WEBTOON with their logos on the apron.

Overall, if they somehow did not have your full attention and investment by the end of the first episode? I would be shocked if this second episode of The God of High School did not do the trick. They wasted little time with “renewal/soul” to set the tone for what we should brace ourselves for in this tournament. Some of these fighters are playing for keeps, and they made sure we knew who to look out for in that department.

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