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What’s up everyone! Welcome to Beyond The Panel. Coming at you today with talk about Justice League #49! You didn’t see a review on the previous issue of Justice League, because I wasn’t too sure about how I felt about the new story just yet. As I’ve have said before, I find myself walking on eggshells when it comes to this new creative team and new direction for the Justice League. The Justice/Doom War was a brilliant story because this was something that genuinely had some thought and ambition put into it. Though when that came to an end? Here we were left with one small story after the next.

This time around we have the Justice League handling a developing situation involving politics with another planet. The first part left me with some mixed feelings because I wasn’t entirely feeling that there was something special about the story being told. The distress call they answered was one which just about anyone could have. When you think about the Justice League springing into action, world-ending comes to mind. You think about an enemy or situation where no one else can get the job done but them. Though at the same time, it was hard to deny the underlying message they were trying to send about the Justice League. There’s one thing everyone can agree on with a team like this. That there has to be boundaries to what they are and are not willing to involve themselves with. It becomes a problem when they see something wrong and decide that they have to intervene just because they don’t know how to let people handle something for themselves.

So with that said, I did enjoy the perspective they took to this from Wonder Woman. It was only right that someone who knows a thing or two about invasiveness had a say in where that line needed to be. You see something wrong, and you spring into action to correct it, but how do you know you did the right thing? You don’t fully understand how their system works, how you just changed it, or how they will react to your actions. It’s just as bad as changing a group of people, and then leaving them to figure out how to adjust to those changes. It’s a strong reflection of things which have happened in this world.

By the end of this issue, we saw that that they were ready to pull no punches. We got to see everything that could go wrong with the Justice League meddling with things that were outside of their understanding. You could say that some decisions may have been out of character for some of them, but this was something which at some point needed to be addressed. To truly save a world, you must also understand what you are saving. There is a big difference between being heroes, and leaders, which is a point they did not fail to drive home.

For this story arc, so far I have been impressed with this art team. Yet another new one, but also one which has not disappointed either for the quality work brought to both the covers and interiors. Aaron Lopresti as the penciler did a great job here, because there was a lot going on here between the action, the political situation of this planet, and even the tale told in the middle of it. It takes an attention to detail, not to mention patience to handle that kind of work load. It felt like with every flip of the page we were being engaged by something different. The League was engaging, there was always something going on with the people in the background. The work with the inks from Matt Ryan also stood out here. Added a lot of depth, created a sense of lighting, and helped to manage empty space. That aside, the colors are what brought it all together. David Baron is the kind of colorist who is great to have when you want the interior art to pop. If there’s one thing he has done best for both parts to this story so far, it is capture the diversity of this planet. Between the kids, and the factions, there was a good sense of distinction created which only benefited the conflict they were facing. That aside, the colors played a crucial part in setting the various moods this story has gone through.

How can the League save this world without interfering? Justice League #49 provided an excellent answer to that. I had my misgivings about the story unfolding here, but as with most things, you simply have to be patient and look towards what’s beneath the surface.

Justice League #49




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