Doom Patrol “Space Patrol” Review

What’s up everyone! Welcome to Beyond The Panel. Coming at you today with talk about Doom Patrol “Space Patrol”! This has just been a roller coaster of a second season, and we are only on episode six right now. Some crazy stuff happened in the previous episode, because who would have expected so much heartbreak and betrayal? This guy did not. Neither was I prepared for us to actually witness the death of one of Crazy Jane’s other sixty-four personalities. As I said before, these guys are a mess, and every episode is an opportunity them to learn that you don’t fix this over night.

Let’s start with this twist that Niles has even sent a team into space. Just when you think you have seen everything about this mad scientist, like that you are hit with the realization that he has doomed many more people who don’t have names yet. Now Larry being tasked with handling Niles’ old research team when the ageless aeronauts return from space was an interesting decision at first. After what Larry had just been through, it seemed that they were being quick to ignore what he just dealt. Though that would have been insulting to these writers who have never once allowed this man room to feel anything other than guilt and self-loathing. That said, how they brought this to Larry was clever. It did not take long at all for him to discover that there may not have been a better person to connect with them. There was a greater appreciation for his interaction with them because this was the first time where Larry walked away finally knowing what he was supposed to do with the Negative Spirit inside of him. I mean, there is only so long that a character like this can run around in circles before something changes.

It was a slowcrawl, but it was also what we were looking forward to most from this episode. That being the result of losing two personalities in the Undergournd. This was one of the first real deaths we got out of this show, and they nailed it for what this means to Jane. Well everyone in the Underground, including Kate. They have been relentless this season about the importance of the system. So what happens when two pieces of the system die? It was a somber period for the Underground, and I loved the reaction from Jane herself. The levels of regret, frustration, and panic she was going through were new. It was gutwrenching to see her try to fix things as the primary. If you were waiting for that one moment where nothing would be the same moving forward, this was it.

By the end of this episode, I can’t say I was too shocked with the direction they took Niles through his rescue mission to retrieve Dorothy. It was only a matter of time that we began to see the bastard scientist again. If there was one thing they did clever this season, it was distract us from the kind of guy Niles really is. Adding his daughter to the mix made him seem sympathetic on the surface. Even in spite of the fact that he is a terrible father, who also has a habit of putting this daughter of his before all the people he has already revealed to have screwed over in one way or another. This week was the week where they cut it with the games to remind us of who we are dealing with. I for one want to see just how far they are willing to push Niles for us to see the lines he will continue to cross for his own self-serving needs.

Now this isn’t to say that everything about this rescue of Dorothy wasn’t heartbreaking. Ignoring Niles, this was an adventure which Cliff needed as well. Maybe not for the turnout, but definitely for the perspective he was able to take towards what it means to care that much about your daughter. To want to do what is best, to say what is right, and act with the best of intentions. These were things he needed to see for himself.

That aside, despite me saying that I don’t feel sold on this relationship with Vic and Roni, I will admit that they got somewhere good this week. If I were to be fair, then it only made sense that at least one of these guys would be out there trying to find a significant other. Vic found that in someone who understands just what it means to have tech put inside you. The only difference being that Roni has been put through an experience having lost hers. There was no better time than now to start connecting dots to figure out who supplied her with this tech, and how much her body really depended on it. So with that said, it wasn’t too shocking that he would discover a connection between Roni and S.T.A.R. Labs. As a fan of Cyborg, I actually welcomed this development. If there is one thing you grow accustomed to about his story, it is the depth given to the world of science and tech. There’s nothing about what goes on behind the scenes in S.T.A.R. Labs that doesn’t call for exploration of the lines they tread.

This just leaves us with Rita. I think we all knew that there was going to be problems with this role she plays in the upcoming community theater production, though to say that it hits too close too home was actually an understatement. They found the most brutal way to challenge her fortitude, and you definitely want to see how she holds up against it. For any of us, the gloves would have come of very fast for the offense she had to endure. However, someone like Rita doesn’t have the room for that kind of vulnerability. So next week is going to be a big one as surely enough she will find a breaking point.

All in all, this show just continues to break me. Doom Patrol “Space Patrol” made me feel like a fool for believing that they were done messing with our emotions.

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