Re:Zero − Starting Life in Another World “Next Place” Review

What’s up everyone! Welcome to Beyond The Panel. Coming at you today with talk about Re:Zero − Starting Life in Another World “Next Place”! Even this week, it still took some time to get over the bomb they drop on our laps in only the first episode. They said think again if you were someone who was looking forward to Subaru and Rem saving the world. Because now we have Subaru put into a position where he has to be the hero for Rem, and everyone else who has been affected by the Witch of Greed.

By the end of this episode, I found myself looking at this one as the episode I would have expected the second season to start on. Not saying this as a bad thing, but more in terms of what you prepare yourself for when a story begins anew. As I said last week, it caught me off guard when the season premiere came and things picked back up exactly where we left off before. It was a surprise, but it was a bold move which also paid off. This is a story that does not make attempts towards stringing you along. If they want to create that horror, they drop you into it headfirst.

After wasting little time introducing the next enemy, and setting the tone for the second season in general, this week was where we could look forward to Subaru and Emilia doing what needed to be done next. I was actually surprised as to what this meant for the two. I know I was looking forward to them actually meeting with Roswaal and Ram to address everything which happened, then go from there. Though I suppose that would have been too straightforward for a series like this, wouldn’t it? So I appreciated that they took a more creative approach towards setting them on the right path to the answers they sought. The one thing they consistently assured everyone of was that everything would become more clear once they made their way to the Sanctuary. Though what is the Sanctuary? What should we expect them to experience once they reach it? Burning questions, and part of me enjoyed that they maintained a sense of vagueness about it.

You couldn’t deny that it felt like everyone was in on some secret they weren’t willing to share. Or maybe they simply couldn’t. Either way, I thought that to some extent it made sense that there were things which could not be explained to Subaru and Emilia. Roswaal has things about his long-term plans that he is not fully open about, and then you also have Puck who can neither speak or remember much about the life he lived before becoming a spirit. That said, Beatrice was a shocker. Though it does seem that even she has connections she isn’t upfront about either. Makes you wonder how much of this story is about to change once those secrets are brought to light.

If there was one thing which had my attention before this episode aired, it was seeing images of this maid at the mansion who we haven’t seen before. This Frederica was an interesting character for the fact that she was mentioned before, and it makes you wonder what kind of personal reason would make you leave and then return. You also wonder what makes her special too. If there’s one thing we know by now, Roswaal’s mansion is host to a majority intriguing bunch. There isn’t one among them who isn’t different from most people. So what is it that makes her fit in? You know, aside from the sharp teeth. Is she a demon like the twins? Can she do magic like Roswaal? Or is there something else which we have not yet been introduced to in the series?

That aside, there was another new maid added to the mansion by the end of the episode as well. Definitely the most normal of the bunch, and you won’t find me arguing with having two characters who overall aren’t magnets for drama. I think we got enough of that from strangers we met in the first season.

As the second episode, Re:Zero − Starting Life in Another World “Next Place” was just what we needed to have our first real set path for this story. The first season was aimless going from one checkpoint into the next, but this second season they don’t seem to be trying to play that same game. It’s definitely for the best too. The last thing you want is to feel as though you know what’s coming. The story looses the appeal of shock and horror if that were ever the case.

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