Fire Force “A New Flashpoint” Review

What’s up everyone! Welcome to Beyond The Panel. Coming at you today with talk about Fire Force “A New Flashpoint”! You know things are about to get real when the bad guys begin to care little about making their presence known. Even more when they actually decide to tell you what’s coming next. Are they that confident in their power? Or is there some other game they are playing, and need willing participants? Right now I would say they are on the right track in stirring investment towards what’s turning into a war.

As expected, this episode was all about the Fifth Pillar. Our introduction to her was intriguing because this has been a new experience with the Adolla Burst. Up to this point we have been given the impression that all the players were set for this conflict between the Fire Force and the Evangelist, yet here we are in the second season finding out that just isn’t the case. There are still others out there who don’t even know they have this power within them, starting with Inca. I was actually surprised by the way they dove right in with her backstory. This is actually one of the things to appreciate about Fire Force. When it comes to new characters, for the most part they don’t waste your time making you have to wait to get to know them. From the start we got to know what kind of person she is. What happened to trigger her abilities, what led her down this road to saving people only for money, and what makes up this perspective she has of the world. I mean, she takes adrenaline junkie to some extremes here.

Now I did like that they didn’t make things too obvious here. When you look at a girl like Inca, it would make you wonder what is worth saving about her. She profits from the suffering that regular people in need go through. That doesn’t look like someone who has any intention of doing something good with their power, or siding with the good guys. So it made a big difference that there was more to learn about her than what first impressions tell you.

I wasn’t surprised that we would get some action out of this episode, but I’m glad that we did. From just the OP for this season, we were able to get a gist of what Inca is capable of, but it was another thing entirely to see her in action. Her power is something unique. I mean we have seen these powers used in some crazy ways, but so far she takes the cake. The animation was what I would call playful. Yet at the same time her power is devastating, it didn’t take much to understand why she is considered valuable to the Evangelist. If it wasn’t for the Adolla fire, it was simply just her power in general. With that said, she wasn’t the only one who grabbed your attention in action. At the same time we were given an introduction to Charon through action, and he was a terrifying force to be reckoned with. It was easy to see that he was yet another fire user whose power is projected as strength, but it was the level of it which catches you off guard. I do look forward to them fully explaining what it is that he does.

With that said, I was overall glad that this situation brought the 8th onto the field for a change. It was one thing going from Company to Company, and then taking a trip to the Netherlands. However, now was a good time to see that this would not keep them from actually being out there in the city and neighborhoods fighting the good fight.

Aside from this, they chose a good time to address where the Fire Force stands with the Evangelist. There was some disappointment towards the progress that the 8th made towards creating a united front, but then again we still haven’t gotten around to all of the Companies. You can’t expect everyone to be down for the cause, when not everyone has a full understanding of what they are up against.

With the conclusion to Fire Force “A New Flashpoint”, they got the ball rolling fast for the new goal line set. Recruiting a girl like Inca could have happened just about anywhere, so it shakes things up that we actually have a battle occurring out in the open like this. Says a lot about the urgency from both sides.

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