Digimon Adventure “That Boy is Joe Kido” Review

What’s up everyone! Welcome to Beyond The Panel. Coming at you today with talk about Digimon Adventure “That Boy is Joe Kido”! Another week, another week to look forward to the next DigiDestined added to the adventure. This week is a big one in my book, because if you know Joe? Then you know there’s going to have to be some big changes to make him appeal to us. If they can do it with Mimi, the sky is the limit.

I gotta say, they did not disappoint with Joe’s introduction. I remember Joe from the original run, and I can’t say he was always my favorite character. There was the constant worrying on one hand, but there was also the fact that he was always the one trying to run away from a fight. Hard to believe from the kid who is supposed to be older than everyone else. So it was refreshing that they took a step back and focused on what worked best for the character. This Joe is still worried about his school work and future, but that is also something important to focus on. It also goes without saying that it was a smart move to make him take-charge. I hope this sticks moving forward, because I have never thought that it should be Taichi always leading. This is that time to make a statement that everyone genuinely has a role to play.

Which brings us to Gomamon. I didn’t doubt they could pull off a proper introduction for him. Joe had his problems, but you could never say the same for Gomamon. He actually stood out from the rest as well because he captured much about this that you would call destined. All of the Digimon were waiting on their partners, but Gomamon was the first to actually put that into words and show it through his actions.

His transformation into Ikkakumon was of course the highlight of the episode. The process to his evolution was cool, and I enjoyed the slight difference to the way his main attack worked. It was a big improvement that he could really direct the trajectory of his Harpoon Vulcan. I didn’t even mind the name change from Torpedo to Vulcan. Vulcan actually sounds deadlier.

As the problem Digimon this week, Gesomon was a good choice. At first, I wasn’t all too impressed with the decision because this one seemed like a Digimon that any one of the DigiDestined could take on their own. So it made a big difference that there was much more to Gesomon which made it formidable. He made use of the advantage of the sea, and was still able to give others a run for their money on land.

That aside, I liked the animation for this episode. Mainly when it came to the big action scene as they took on Gesomon. It’s not always high quality, but it is when it counts the most. I loved how during the key moments they hit you with excellent detail, colors which pop, and excellent use of lighting/shadows.

Overall, I’m glad that Digimon Adventure “That Boy is Joe Kido” did not let me down. There’s something to appreciate about the way that they continue to improve on these characters. These days that matters when you want to create investment early on. Not just for the story and plot, but for the characters too. I only hope that next week they can keep this momentum going, because the worst cliche has always been Matt/Yamato.

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