The God of High School “wisdom/kingdom” Review

What’s up everyone! Welcome to Beyond The Panel. Coming at you today with talk about The God of High School “wisdom/kingdom”! Right now there’s no better way to say that this series meets the hype. There’s something to love about action anime that doesn’t try to be more than it should. There is value in action which benefits from reminding you of the good old days when style, technique, and grit earned you the win.

This third week they kicked things off fast. Now with most series, I’m fine with them letting things ramp up, but The God of High School is a different kind of beast. From the series premiere, this was always going to be the kind which thrived from taking advantage of the pacing and momentum they started off with.

Which brings us to the first match of the episode, Mira versus WWD women’s pro wrestler Mah Miseon. This match right here was a thrill because you wouldn’t have expected much from a match like this on the surface. You would have immediately looked at both fighters and assumed that Mira had the edge given that she had a weapon. So color me shocked when this was far from the case. I loved that they took wrestling seriously enough to show how someone like Mah could be so formidable under the right circumstances. Her moves, her counters, her overall durability was impressive. With that said, the same could be said for Mira who proved to us in this match that there is much more to her than meets the eye. On the surface it wasn’t hard to assume that everything about her revolved around having that sword on hand. This was as great a time as any to say that this is not the case.

After that of course would come Han’s match. This one was the highlight match for me because there was a lot we needed to see from the guy who up to this point has been very decisive about taking down opponents with one hit. This was that time for him to face someone who was going to take much more than that, and they did not disappoint. His opponent was an interesting one for the fact that he filled that cliche of having some smart fighter who thought he had everything going for him if he had all the information on their style/technique. The difference of course being that this one had the capacity for fighting to back it up. The excitement from this match was seeing how Han overcame that advantage hanging over his head. Between his fight and Mira’s, once more the choreography for the action was beautiful work from MAPPA.

At the same time it was nice to get some backstory for Han. Through this episode we came to better understand what makes him tick, and what motivates him to win the tournament.

Now the big thing was seeing this match between Jin and Commissioner Q. It was interesting at first that they would decide someone this powerful be Jin’s opponent, though quickly it became more than that as the episode progressed. I was actually taken back by the true intention of the match since this whole thing was a reason to better understand who Jin is, from the higher up’s perspective. No better time than now if you ask me considering right now we know Jin less than Mira and Han. That said, their match was a big surprise for the way that it ended, and for what happened after it. This was our first taste of what the more extraordinary elements to this series looks like, and it did not disappoint.

That aside, there was talk about this secretive organization which gave you the impression that they would be making their presence known in some way. Though that wasn’t really the case with them. We got a glimpse into what they’re about, but that was about it. Not a problem for me because there were other things happening in this episode which was worth looking forward to more. Maybe next week or so would be a better time to push deeper into the role they will play in this tournament.

This was an episode that made me want to watch it twice. The God of High School “wisdom/kingdom” gave us something to love from all three of our main characters. A good time to soak in everything straightforward, before they blow the roof off of this tournament.

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