Review: Amethyst #4

What’s up everyone! Welcome to Beyond The Panel. Coming at you today with talk about Wonder Comics’ Amethyst #4! A lot can go right under the right circumstances, though so much can go wrong too. That much and more we came to learn from the previous issue.

Now the start of this issue I found charming. This is by no means a light story considering everything Amy has lost, and discovering the true reality of her situation. Though at the end of the day, this is a trio of kids trying to play hero. There’s no way that you can expect every minute of an issue is going to be them taking things seriously. I think they were owed a moment like what we got from the start of the issue to just be kids who are daring in the face of what could be dangerous for them. What made the scene worthwhile was having this version of Amy who was that on edge about walking on eggshells around Opal. Her reaction to being this close to him was just what those new to her world need to see in order to understand what evils she has dealt with in the past.

That said, I appreciated that with this chapter of Amethyst, they wasted little time jumping into what comes next from a confrontation with Opal. This could have easily been the point in the story where they continued the mystery of how much of a danger Opal is to everyone, but they thought better of us than to resort to that kind of storytelling. Instead they rewarded us for our patience in the adventure which lead to this point. They didn’t lie, the answers Amy finds does change everything she thought she knew about the nature of Gemworld. Not to mention it re-enforced what she already knew about Opal. In fact, re-enforced what we all already knew about Opal. Even if there was a twist to what happened to Amy’s people, there was no denying that there was still issue to find in a villain who is simply on house arrest. I mean, what is house arrest really? At best that is what you would call a slap on the wrist for someone who probably deserves something more severe.

Which brings us to the point in the story where things get serious again. It came naturally because this whole mission for Amy has also been a learning experience for her. All she ever knew was what she was either told, or saw from within the walls of her own kingdom. That doesn’t leave you with a lot of room to actually figure out the way that the world works. You could call this cliche for someone in a royal position, but this is also a growing experience for Amy as a person too. She hasn’t faced a situation like this before. Not one where she has been left with no resources, guidance, or assistance from people she actually knows. This is a time for her to understand the importance of proper communication, and engagement.

Considering how things descended into chaos in this chapter, I admired the way that the artwork captured this. Sometimes you will have an artist who just can’t handle the kind of scene we stepped into as Amy and company confronted Opal, but that was not the case here. I felt that everything which unfolded was easy to follow. If it wasn’t then that was okay, because you could see the confusion the characters were going through themselves. Though what stood out most this issue was the expressive work which went into the characters. There was a lot of arguing this time around, even more of an attempt at confiding in one another. I liked that there was more of an endeavor towards what it looks like when they are serious about the things which really matter. The things which make them look scared, frustrated, or just over everything they have been going through. It was all written on their faces, and believable through their body language.

This story started out as simply a mission for Amy to save her people, but right now it has evolved into something much more. Amethyst #4 re-established what is at stake for Amy herself. The deeper she goes into this conspiracy, the more she needs to grow in order to handle things better than she has before.

Amethyst #4




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