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What’s up everyone! Welcome to Beyond The Panel. Coming at you today with talk about Die #12! Talk about a messy situation last month. With every minute this party is stuck in the realm of Die, it’s another minute where the game can put them through the same hell that it did in the past. So far that serves to be true for Angela in particular. They chose one heck of a time to haunt her with a ghost from the past.

What came next for Angela was chilling. It was almost twisted too, because so easily this party can forget what is real, and what is not. This isn’t the first time where one of them have run into someone in Die who resembles someone from the real world either. At times like this you would criticize a character like her for not being able to drawn a line in the sand between the two, but at the same time there is a difference between seeing these things and experiencing it. This party has been through a lot already, and sometimes all it takes is something which drudges up demons to force a bad decision. Or at worse make them falter. So with that said, I think Angela’s reaction towards this Molly she encountered was only natural. Especially as one of two people who are parents.

The best thing to come from this chapter for them was getting a stronger sense of direction. Getting away from Angria to regroup and think of different way to get home was one thing, but it is another thing to set that plan into motion and know where to start. This was a great time for them to find a legitimate starting point. Even if it is not going to be a linear path towards getting home.

This brings us back to Ash and Isabella playing the long game. One would think that hey might have a chance at the game screwing them less being in seats of authority and power, but nothing ever comes that simple. The challenges they faced this time around was interesting for the fact that they had their own conclusions to come to on their end. So far I find that putting them together was a brilliant idea for the limitations they face. Both Ash and Izzy are powerful, but they are not without their own drawbacks which hold them back. On one hand you have Ash who they consistently remind us suffers from control over her own powers, and can only control one person at a time. Then you have Izzy who has to always pay back her dues if she wants continued favors from the Gods. Problematic in a position where every decision matters, and they have a long list of enemies to watch out for. This chapter was overall great for establishing the obstacles they will have to overcome in order to make any real changes to the world.

Now what twist we got by the end of the issue was a great takeaway. Where last month I said this was the start of a new game, quickly we now come to understand that there is much more than just the game being played on the surface. This changes things in a big way, yet it is also welcomed for the fact that there is no better time than now to start diving into questions of what came before this party.

For this issue in particular, there was much that I could say caught your eyes through the visuals. One thing specifically was seeing more game functions displayed. Without a DM, or a gameboard, there are something which you are going to expect to transition differently into Die. For example, one of those things were visualizations of the map. I wasn’t too shocked to see that this actually took the shape of a die, but credit where it is due that there was the boldness to go with it. Things like this make a big difference in adding to that perspective which everyone needed to keep towards what is real, and what is in-game. That aside, we were seeing more of things that some are capable of like Angela whose AI adds a lot of futuristic elements to the game which surprisingly don’t clash. So far I admire how this art team finds a way to make things mechanical look as magical as anything else that is outside of the norm. We also got to meet another one of the Gods which Izzy has at her disposal. Like the others, there came a different atmosphere with this one. More playful in design, and as unique as Mistress Woe can be for the ominous color scheme.

As part two of the new story arc, Die #12 created a proper sense of perspective towards what you might call the long-game. Getting home was always going to be easier said than done, and times like this were the best time to remember why that is.

Die #12




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